Volume Five

Section #25

Lung Cancer

(Allright, let’s talk about lung cancer. As you know, the statistics on the lung cancer, I believe, after 5 years at something like 13-15%. The rest just don’t make it. It’s one of the worst.)
It's horrible, it's the number one cancer among men. I've had numerous people come to me with lung cancer and certainly when we talk about the deadliest cancers here – if people want to survive, they, again, have to be willing to do 100%. They have to, you know, cut at all the stops, to go to full blast with this program.
(Particularly with this kind of cancer.)

Particularly with this program, with this particular type of cancer, yes.
(Ok, do you remember any particular cases, that you’ve been able to help?)
Certainly. And some horrible ones. I mean, I had a man come to me with lung cancer in both lungs, it had metastasized to his spine, and to his sternum, and he was spitting up blood and mucus, tar-looking substances. Yes, he was a smoker for numerous years and had done a lot to get his lung cancer. And we had to do a couple programs with him, that maybe little more specific to the lung cancer. One is – breathing clean air. I mean you can’t heal your lungs if you’re breathing dirty air. So, if you're living in a very polluted city, you’ve got to get out of there – take a break, get somewhere where you can breathe that clean air. Or these lungs aren’t going to get well. You have to exercise. Exercise is what opens up the diaphragm, it really opens it up, so these lungs can expand and contract.
(But this doesn’t “overtax” the sick person?)
No, no, not at all. In fact, that’ll keep him alive.

I mean, you know, these lung tissues being covered with cancer, it's stopping us from getting oxygen in our blood. So we need to get those people almost hyperventilating, breathing more than they ever would – to get more, or even normal, oxygen in their blood. So exercise is terrific, the “Hot and cold” right on the chest - you do that, and you’ll go …
I mean anybody – get in a cold shower, let it run on your chest and see what happens to your lungs. You’ll be doing it and it’ll force you into the deep breathing. And of course there are some terrific herbs for the lungs. Lobelia was one of Dr. Christopher's favourites.
(How do you use it?)
You can use lobelia tincture, you can make lobelia tea. Lobelia does numerous things – it dilates the bronchioles. Lobelia will dilate the bronchioles so you can get more of that air in, and also – the material as your body detoxifying this cancer, these cancer tumors will be eaten. You have a specific macrophage right in your lungs, that's only in your lungs, that’s just designed to eat garbage in your lungs.

And we need to stimulate that macrophage, but then that mucus that we cough out is good -  that are dead immune cells, mixed with this cancer tumor.
(What do you do – a few drops? How much?)
The best way to use lobelia is – start out with one dropperfull. That’ll be 30 drops about five times a day over a period of the day, and that’ll really open those lungs.
(Will it make you throw up?)
No, and if it does – Dr. Christopher always said: “Cleaner stomach for the next dose!” There's nothing wrong with vomiting. In fact – vomiting, when you have a lung problem, can compress the diaphragm and purge material out of the lungs. So it is actually good, you can even take enough to where you make yourself vomit, if you feel like there’s something loose in your lungs and you really have to get it out.
(Have you ever seen stuff come out of lungs?)
Oh, horrible stuff: stringy pieces of black tar 8-10 inches long, blood and pus, chunks – the pieces of cancer. I’ve seen them come right out of the lungs.
(So they get as infected and gory as any other part of the body?)

Oh, horrible. It's horrible and it takes some work. There are expectorant herbs too, that will help you too to cough out this material. You know, I remember Dr. Christopher made a great cough tonic, people send it back, cause they’ve said it made them cough more. That's what it's supposed to do! The expectorant nerds help you expectorate. When we’re coughing…a doctor would give you something with codeine in it, something that suppresses you from coughing and then the infection grows wild in your lungs.
(Ok, in lung cancer specifically what herbs are you going to use for the lungs?)
Expectorants: wild cherry is one of my favourite, cause it’s not only disinfectant, but it also is an expectorant – opens up your lungs, makes you cough more.
(But isn’t that sounds like something for a mild conditions – cherry, you know, for a coughing and not lung cancer?)
I know, and it’s unfortunate. The reason we think that is just because all our cough syrups have been made cherry flavoured.
And that’s how it degenerated over the years, but cherry…all tree barks are antibacterial and antiviral, it's amazing.

Cause that’s the tree’s immune system. So your cherry bark has the cherry resin in it. It’s dramatic and how that will destroy the bacteria and help you expectorate.
(Well, again, we’re not talking about a bacteria, we’re talking about cancer. It’s a little bit different thing.)
You know, cancer many times is caused by bacterial infections, many times is caused by viral infections. These can cause that type of information, that sets up the degeneration, that turns into cancer.
(Ok, cherry. Any other kinds of herbs?)
Yes, cherry’s one of my favourites, comfrey is quite famous for also expectorating out of the lungs: mullein. Dr. Christopher used a lot of mullein in lung formulas. It’s a beautiful herb. I want to caution people – many people have heard, that smoking herbs for your lungs can help, like smoking mullein and other herbs. Don't do it! All smoke contains tar, all tars clog your lung tissue. Don’t get into smoking.
(So what do you do? You’ve mentioned few herbs here. Now, do you alternate these? How do you do this?)
All at once.

You use the lobelia on a daily level, use the wild cherry on a daily level – all. One of my favourite herbs for the lungs too – are garlic and onions. They’re great lung herbs. Of course, Dr. Christopher’s “Cough syrup” contains garlic juice.
(But how do you use it in a cancer case?)
Just the odours alone, breathing the odours of garlic and onions will start killing a cancer and cleaning out your lungs.
(What do you do? Mash and then inflate them?)
Yeah, but I suggest to eat them, cause then you get it both ways. So, basically, a person with lung cancer needs to greatly increase their consumption of onions and garlic. Cause, again, as you’re eating it, you’re breathing in the odours. That takes the medicinal properties, that are even in the odour, right down into the lungs and it goes to work right there.
(So, when you start killing this cancer as in some of your other cases, it breaks up in pieces?)
(You mean, that’s what you see coming out?)
Absolutely. You know, cancers go two ways –through the blood and out through the system. Because as your immune system starts eating these tumors, you’ve got to cough it out.

So don't be afraid to cough out, spit things up. And, of course, the exercise that we talked about, will help you do that too.
(Well, people must be shocked when they cough and have a piece of cancer, a tissue?)
Oh, absolutely. It's horrifying. But again - this is the only way. I don't know any other way. I don't know anybody that goes to the doctor with lung cancer and survives. I haven't met them.

Section #26:
Liver cancer

Let's talk about liver cancer now. Another frightning cancer.)
Sure. And, again, here as we're talking further into cancers, we're getting into the ones, that you might as well not to go to a doctor for, because the prognosis, the treatment - forget it. There are not many people, that've gone to Medicine and survived these types of cancers.  In fact, again, I don't know anybody. Liver cancer, again, we're talking about one of the organs of our body, that's designed to detoxify your body. And now that organ is down. Dr. Christopher used to say, that anybody, who has cancer, you need to look at the liver and clean the liver.

Well, now we have cancer of the organ, that is supposed to get us out of this trouble!
(So it goes real bad.)
Oh, it's realy bad.
(What have you seen - how bad, how big?)
I've seen people with liver tumors, that were so big, the doctor said they were football-sized. And, of course, the liver is over here, and I've seen these tumors extending so far, that they were sticking out of the left side of the body under the rib cage.
(You could see it under the skin, pushing out?)
Oh, pushing right out. Pushing it out like there's a fist under the skin. That's how big some of these tumors are. Because a liver is quite a large organ.
(Were you wondering how they were living with that?)
Oh, they were in horrible pain, most of them on morphine by time they come in my office.
(Okay, so when they come to you, I'm just curious, were they really coming for a cure when it's like that?)
Most of them havve given up. And they think that maybe again I can do something to make them a little more comfortable or give them an extra week or an extra month. Most people don't walk in thinking, that they can be cured.
(What do you do for it?)
Well, the specifics for the liver is the one of the greatest herbs - milk thistle. We have to use our milk thistle every day for the rest of this person's life.
(What kind and how much?)

What we use on milk thistle is the seed. One of the most potent ways I know is the extract, an extract of Milk Thistle. But you can just make a tee, you can even chew the seeds up in your mouth.
(Is it a European herb?)
Oh, it’s a common American weed. It grows all over the place. Most people hate it, because it pops out these milky seeds, that can go all over your yard, and then it grows there. It's a common weed. It binds to the liver cells, it encodes the liver cells and it protects them from any further damage. This is very important, because it protects them from other cells in your liver, that have cancer, from eating up the rest of your liver. But now we have to go to what cleans that liver out. This is important.
(What do you do?)
The bitters. When you think of a liver, you have to think of the bitters. Not only the bitter herbs like barberry or Oregon grape - they both work about the same, but there are great bitter herbs…

I know there are bitter herbs, that are growing in everybody's front yard. Everybody who are listening to this video, have a bitter herb in the front yard, that’s called “dandelion”.  Dandelion is famous for cleaning the liver. The root, the leaf - use those dandelion leaves in your salad. Stop trying to get the deadline on your yard. Get rid of the grass, get rid of the ryegrass and just grow whole front yard full of dandelions. It looks nicer, it’s prettier. I don't know why we are against dandelion, but the bitterness and dandelion will clean that liver out, promote more bile flow, clean and detoxify that liver. But there are other great bidders: chicory, which many times people put into the salad. So when you shop for your greens, buy the dark greens, that taste bitter: ruccolah, radicchio, go for that bitter taste.
(Okay, now you were telling me how the patients do a liver flush. Briefly tell us what are they doing every day.)
Well, just start out easy, okay? When you have liver cancer – start out easy pushing the lever. We’re talking about one tablespoon of olive oil, one clove of garlic.

You know, make an easy liver flushes.
(Okay, one tablespoon of olive oil, one clove of garlic…)
Yes, if it’s in the springtime or the summertime - 8 ounces of citrus juice. You can just use orange, but to intensify – go and add a little lime, a little lemon. In fact, even add some of the peel. Because the oil in citrus peel alone is detoxifying and cleaning to the liver. And then - 8 ounces of distilled water. So it’s 8 ounces of distilled water, 8 ounces of citrus combination, one clove of garlic, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and a little bit of ginger (a chunk about the size from your thumb knuckle up). Toss it all in a blender, blend it up, drink it down. Don't sip it like a fine wine here, just get it down.
(Once a day, or what?)
Every morning. That's how you start – in the morning, on an empty stomach. And then, it's very important - 15 min. later, or you can go to 30 if you want, you drink 2 cups or 16 ounces of “Detoxification tea”, digestive stimulant tee, our “Detox tea”.

And that's very important. If you can handle that – 2 cloves of garlic and 2 spoons of olive oil.
(Oh, if you can handle it, you can up the dose.)
(What do you end up with the dose?)
4-5 cloves of garlic, 4-5 tablespoons of olive oil. And as you increase that, increase the size of your ginger root also, cause the ginger root is an “anti-nausea” and will keep you from feeling like you need to vomit sometimes – with that much oil in your system. And you know what this is? It’s an oil change. I mean, we take our cars in four times a year: change the oil, tuneup a little. We have to do that with our bodies. In the fall – use apple and grape juice instead of the citrus, it’s a better juice to use in the Fall.
(You were telling me, in liver cases you also use chaparral, which people today want to even touch.)
You know, because this is…You know, most of my herbalist friends, in fact – even in the herbal publications nowadays, the professional magazines of the herb trade, they warn people to not use chaparral.

This is ridiculous. And they say: “Because it'll cause liver problems”. I personally know – it had never caused any liver problems. I even know the people, to which this thing supposedly did happen to, and it didn’t happen to them. They had liver problems first. Chaparral doesn't cause liver problems. Chaparral cleans the liver and breaks up tumors, especially cancerous tumors.
(So, it goes after all tumors.)
Oh, absolutely. It goes after them. It's one of the greatest antioxidant herbs. It eats them up, it chews them up and it spits them out. And if you want to get rid of the tumor - chaparral is the herb to use.
(Now, you’ve said “tons of chaparral” you use. What do you mean, how much of it?)
Make 4 cups a day, I would have 4 cups of chaparral tea a day.
(How strong?)
You won't have to ask that question when you drink it, because even mild it tastes too strong. Chaparral is a very pungent, bitter tasting herb. It's a desert planet, it’s very resinous and most of that resin doesn't come out in water anyway, so you don't have to worry about making it too strong.

But you can generally put, if you're making a quart, which is what I would suggest – 4 cups a day, a quart of chaparral tea. I would go ahead and put at least 4 heaping tablespoons of chaparral into that. Also, chaparral extract is important, because it has a resin in it. And to get all that resin out, a little bit of alcohol works. Now, the amount of alcohol, that's in a herbal extract does not affect the liver, ok? It’s very minute. If you want to get rid of that…if anybody out there either is an alcoholic, or they don't want to have that alcohol in the tincture, all you do is – put that tincture in a cup, pour boiling water over it. Alcohol evaporates at 200°, you see a little poof of white evaporation – no alcohol in your tee now.
(Now, you’re realizing, that getting this advice to readers, when chaparral is not commercially available – extract or the other. So…what are we really telling them?)
Take a vacation to Las Vegas, Western United States. Almost one of the only plants, that grow throughout the whole desert is chaparral, there's no shortage of it.
It is a joke, that the FDA would want to take it off the shelves.

(The deserts are full of it?)
Yes, the deserts are full of it. In fact, if you drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, you drive through 250 miles of Larrea Californica, or Larrea tridentata which is chaparral.
(So you say: “Go out and get it”.)
In order for the FDA to stop chaparral, they’d have to nuke the entire West Coast of the United States, and I don’t think they’re going to do that.

Section #27:
Pancreatic Cancer

(Now, let’s talk about probably the fastest cancer now – Pancreatic Cancer, the one that killed Michael Landon.)
You know, “pancreatic cancer” – when people are told that, they, may be, give up hope more than any other group of people. It has the quickest death rate – usually 2 to 3 months, and that person’s dead. Again, if we’re just trying to work as fast, as we can here on this person and buy us as much time, because we know that this is a very, very serious disease.

(What do you do? How do you get right down to business in a case like this?)
The first thing is – you have to stop all sweet foods. You know, the pancreas has a number of jobs – digestion and sugar regulation. And you’ve got to give the pancreas a vacation. If you want to heal an organ, you’ve got to relax it, let it relax a little bit, not overtax it.
(So sugar – out.)
Oh, sugar is out. Anything, that is sweet. Even your artificial sweeteners – every artificial sweetener, that's been developed to date has been proven eventually to be carcinogenic. And now, they're having emotional problems with artificial sweeteners. I mean, these are potent drugs.
(Okay, do you have any case you remember, that you've actually pulled out?)
Absolutely. I had a woman come to me, who actually, again, came to me for something different. She came to me for incontinence. She had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she was sent home to die, but she was also had such bladder problems, that she was having incontinence, she was wearing diapers.

She just wanted to die with some dignity, and didn’t wanted to wet herself all the time in her last final couple months. And again, I tried to explain to her, that we can, you know, work on the pancreatic cancer, but she didn’t want to hear about it. She had even bought her plot. I mean, everything was set up and ready: will was made, read to the kids, the works.
(She was ready to take off.)
Oh, she’s gone. She was ready to go. We fixed her incontinence so fast, that, again, she thought: “Well, wait a minute, I didn't thought…doctor said, that only another bladder surgery (and she already had two) would fix this.” She decided to go into the program. You know, it really made a believer out of her. And then she started working full steam ahead on the programs for the pancreas, just our general programs. Was special attention here? You know, again “The hot and cold” here, all the immune-stimulate herbs, the detox herbs, the liver flushes, working a lot with the upper digestion (cause the pancreas involved in that), balancing the hormones, this is very important. The pancreas is an endocrine organ, and the endocrine system is the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, pancreas…

(So what did you do for that in particular?)
There are some particular herbs for women, that are wonderful at balancing the endocrine system. One of the favourites…in fact – it's the single most sold and used herb in the world today. The Chinese call it "Dong Quai" or "Tang Quei". In America it's called "Angelica" the Latin name is "Angelica sinensis". It is the most widely used and sold over the world - a billion women in Asia use this to balance the hormones. You can use it for PMS, you can use it for menopause, but for pancreatic cancer it works beautiful. Cause it works with the hypothalamus, pituitary, the whole endocrine system.
(Allright now, so that's for women. What have you got for persons like Michael Landon, the same herb, or different one?)
No, they have to balance the endocrine system. And some of the herbs are the same, but for them a great one is - Siberian ginseng.
(But I thought, that's just have more energy or something.)
Oh no, not at all. It's terrific at balancing the endocrine system. It works very, very well.

(Okay, I believe you were telling me in her case you also did bodywork.)
Yes, again - stimulating this area, the pancreas - most of the vital organs are under the rib cage.
(What if you get into it, you touch it, and it really hurt. Do you back off? Are making it worse, spreading cancer in some place?)
No, not at all. See, this is something that people can’t be afraid of. What do we have to lose? I mean think about it, these people have already given up for dead, the doctors had given up, the natural practitioners have given up, they've given up, their friends and relatives have given up…What are we worried about? We’re not going to spread the cancer.
(All right, so with this woman. She or her family did that deep massage right over that area, the pancreas?)
Oh, absolutely. We used the “Castor oil packs” again over the area, we did the “Hot and cold”, we even used the heating herbs like the cayenne.
(The poultices?)
Yes, the poultices.
(Like a poke root?)
Yes. And deep work right over this whole left side of the rib cage. And even under the ribs. They've even had their finger sticking up under the ribs. Bottom line - I got a postcard from her about a year ago.

She was climbing the Matterhorn, married and is a mountain climber.

Section #28:

(Richard, I want to ask you about…I’m reluctant to even ask you, because it is hard to believe anybody, that says they can even help AIDS – cause it’s something horrible, totally ghastly condition. So tell me whatever experiences, that you've with this kind of cases.)
I’ve had 16 patients to date, that had AIDS, full-blown AIDS with the associated diseases, that had 100% recoveries. The first thing I think everybody has to acknowledge here is, that everything we’ve heard about AIDS and know about AIDS is probably wrong. There's more misconceptions about this disease, what it does and what it will do, and even how lethal it is and this, of course, is going to make everybody mad when they hear this. But don't believe what you hear about AIDS.
(Such as, that it is fatal?)
Oh, absolutely. There are great immunologists and virologists all over the world, that suggest, that maybe it's a benign peaceful disease.

And that people aren’t dying from AIDS. They are dying from the medical treatment for AIDS. Cause here is the bottom line, think about this: if you call the plumber to come to the house, and you’ve said: “I need a new toilet put in”, and he said: “Fine, but every time I put in a new toilet, within a week - it's leaking all over the place”. Would you say: “Fine, please come to my house”? Why do people with AIDS go to doctors. Cause a doctor will tell you of a 100% death rate with AIDS, period. Nobody survives it. Why would anybody with AIDS go to the doctor? I couldn’t think of a worse way to depress your immune system. But let me tell you a few scenarios of the typical AIDS patients. And people should listen of this, because it's not just AIDS, we’re talking about cancer etc. - any time the immune system isn't working. Here's AIDS scenario - these patients walk in my office, they been told they're going to die, they’ve told that there's absolutely no chance, even with pancreatic cancer people have survived, okay?

But with AIDS they are told, there is no chance whatsoever, they are dead.
It’s just a matter of time, and we’ll try to keep you comfortable. These people come in usually and have never less than 20 prescription drugs, that they are on. They are usually on five major ones and 15 to make themselves not be sick from the side effect of the first five they were on. They’re loaded with drugs, they’ve been given this death sentence, they’re outcasts, they’re banished from society, they’ve lost their job, their friends, their family. These people are in horrible, horrible shape. Physically and emotionally, like most people are ill, but these people more than ever. I had a man come in my office that had T-cell count of two, I had a woman come in my office with a T-cell count of one. It doesn't get any lower, you have to spend an hour, trying to find 1 T-cell in a blood sample. These people were incredibly sick.

I had one man with AIDS, he was so bad, he had Kaposi's sarcoma cancer all over his body - red blotches all over.
(Now, that’s cancer.)
Yes, that’s cancer. He had the Pneumocystis Lung Fibrotic disease. They said one of his lungs was almost 80% fibrosed.
(What is that? An AIDS-associated pneumonia?)
Yes, AIDS-associated disease. He was “dead”. They gave him about a week to live. But he heard a tape somewhere, he heard one of my tapes, that said, that there are no incurable diseases, and everybody can be well. The cassette tape and a friend had brought it to him, and he believed it. He thought: “Well, maybe this is my last chance”. He called me, I visited him in a hospital.
(But he was in a hospital!)
I have to say, that even my imagination of how well people can be gets a little week once in a while. And I thought: “Boy, we’re really pushing it here”. But I believed he could be well, I believe everybody has a chance, everybody can be well. So we started working and he responded tremendously. It was just amazing to me and everybody else. He got better and better.
(You helped him even in a hospital?)
The bottom line is – today that man didn't even test HIV-positive, with medicine says is impossible.

This man went and got HIV testing, he didn’t even test positive for the antibody. This just goes to show you what a tremendous turnaround that anybody can make with an incurable disease.
(How were you able to make this turnaround, when he was in a hospital? How were you able to get herbs and the juices and everything else?)
Luckily, in Los Angeles I get into a lot of hospitals. Patients just ask me in and I have a lot of doctor friends there, so I don't have a problem. One of the first things to remember with the immune system is echinacea. Back to Echinacea. She stimulates T-cell production, in fact in as little as two or three weeks you can double, triple, even quadruple the amount of T-cells in your body using echinacea.
(With good echinacea.)
(You mean the root too?)
That’s right. We’re talking the echinacea root, the root tea and the echinacea extract. And it has to be the good quality. And its tremendous of echinacea will do to stimulate the immune system. But there are other herbs, that are very important here. Thinning the blood.

One of the ways, that the HIV virus spreads through the body is - going from one white blood cell to the next. So we need to thin the white blood and the red blood (cells). Garlic, red clover. I can’t think of to better blood thinners.
(Even in something as ghastly as AIDS?! The simple herbs like that?)
Remember that Dr. Christopher said, that red clover was the cure for cancer and a cure for plagues, and even thought he didn't know about AIDS, because that disease really sprung up after his death, here we have a plague. And there’ll be many more as time goes on.
(So that man over what time, the years time?)
No, in about eight months that man was able to walk into my office, feeling great, looking great. I mean we’re talking a total hundred percent transformation. He even changed his name, because he said, he had changed so much, he could not even relate to the person, that he used to be. So changed his name, on his California driver’s license. Such a transformation. There are few antiviral herbs, that are important here too.

St. John's wort is not only a potent herb, loaded with bioflavonoids, a great external and internal healer, but does show antiviral activity, and I always use that.
(Is this herb available?)
Yes, St. John's wort is a very common weed. Grows all over the East Coast, available to everybody. And a gorgeous plant, safely used, no toxic amounts…
(So you take it as a tea?)
Absolutely, you can take it as a tea. You can even make it into an oil and put it on the surface of the body for viral infections on the surface of the body.
(What do you do with AIDS, when they’re just so prophetically emaciated during the final stage, skin and bones, what do you do to nourish people, who are that horribly ill?)
Nutrition is so important.
(Can they even absorb anything then?)
No, and this is a thing. So, you know, we have to use what I call a “Natural healing blood transfusion”. That's juices, okay? Where doctor would use an IV, we get the juicer out of the cupboard. These people can't digest food, forget it.

They need juices, they need all their fruits and their vegetables run through the juicer. You’ve got to use organics. You know, the National Cancer Institute reports that farmers, that work with insecticides and pesticides have an eight times higher cancer rate, than the rest of the public. We can’t give an AIDS patient fruits and vegetables, that have been sprayed with antibiotics and insecticides and pesticides. So they need the good stuff. We have to get that organic produce and get those juices in. You'll see a turnaround in their attitudes in two or three days. Make sure we get those elimination channels working, get that liver flushed out. Lemon balm, it is a very common herb, you can grow it in your garden and taste a wonderful potent antiviral herbal herb.
Yes, absolutely. Good one to use in case…
(So you would use all these in a serious case?)
Oh, absolutely. And what's wonderful, is that everything I've mentioned so far - you can have all you want. There's no amount of lemon balm, that you can't use. So it’s a wonderful herb. Hyssop is another herb, that’s antiviral, lomation.

There's no shortage of them out there.
(Lomation…I’ve never heard of that one.)
One thing I might add here, that helps too. Many people who have cancer, many people who have AIDS, many people whose immune system is depressed horribly, get secondary infections that they think is worse, than the disease itself. Fungal infections especially - anything from Athlete’s foot to herpes outbreaks, to thrush in the mouth, or Candida albicans in the mouth. One of the greatest herbs is tea tree, tea tree oil. It is beautiful. It’s an essential oil from a shrub, that grows in Australia and New Zealand, similar to eucalyptus oil. And it's brilliant.
(How is it used?)
You can use it in your mouth, you can gargle with it, you can brush your teeth with it, you can mix it with a nice oil like jojoba, 10% tea tree oil, 90% jojoba oil - rub it on the skin on those feet, anywhere you have those fungus outbreaks, ringworm.

You know, all the opportunistic infections, that take place when a person’s immune system is dilapidated with AIDS or cancer. So, I guess the biggest word of advice here is - if people can recover from AIDS, you can recover from anything.

Section #29:

(All right, Richard, let me ask you about lupus, because it a disease, that I’ve got more questions on it, than almost any other disease.)
Absolutely, it's quite common and unfortunately most people, who have it and had it for a long time, they've tried numerous things, and they just believe, that there's no help at all. They’re just disgusted, they’re tired, they’ve had it.
(That’s what it seems – that there’s nothing.)
Oh, absolutely. And I’ve seen so many people…It’s such a shame, cause I’ve seen so many people heal themselves, who’ve had lupus.
(You don’t mean “controlled it”?)
No, no. I mean get it, it’s gone, never comes back. And they never think about it again. It takes a little work like everything with the incurable's program here. But I’ve seen many people do that.

I've had business executives, I've had people in the entertainment industry, that were losing their jobs because of what it was doing to their skin. One of the worst cases I had was a young woman, who was in the healthcare industry. She had lupus so bad, that many times with lupus the skin becomes very red, blotchy, dry. She even had boils coming out on the skin. She was in a horrible way, she was even suicidal, because it ruined her business. You can’t be in the healthcare industry and look horrible.
So she was in a bad way, but she didn't believe, that she could be well. She came to see me and we started work, and she got better. And she was one the worst cases, that I had ever seen.
(So, if you got the worst, you can also the others. When they do this whole program, they should be recovered?)
Oh, absolutely. And you know, some specific things, that will, not only symptomatic – if the skin becomes very red and itchy, and blotchy. You can do some chickweed baths. They’re very nice to stop the itching. You can even do an oat bath, or an oatmeal bath - very nice. And if it’s extreme - peppermint oil is one of the greatest anti-itch compounds.

But remember, with lupus we’re looking in an immune system disorder too. We’re looking at an immune system, that just won't take care of you. And the same programs with the “Incurables” as we would do for cancer, AIDS and the immune system. We have to boost that annuity with herbs, we have to detox that bloodstream.

Section #30:
Heart Disease

(Now, let’s talk about hawthorn berries, hawthorn syrup for the heart. What can you tell us about that, that you’ve seen.)
Hawthorn is a greater herb for the heart, than people would even know. Not only is the history of using hawthorn just amazing, now only the stories we've heard from Dr. Christopher. But modern science shows us numerous things about hawthorn. It contains flavonoids, it contains many different chemicals, that go into the heart muscle itself, and will make the heart muscle work on less blood and less oxygen. So it actually reduces your risk of having a heart attack if you have blocked coronary arteries.

And also the same studies had shown that if you have a heart attack, it'll make your heart cells rebuild themselves and repair twice as fast as normal. So I can't think of a better herb to have in your bloodstream 24 hours a day. And it tastes good. One of the few. 24 hours a day - if you're having a heart problem, or if you’ve been diagnosed with a heart problem. It's a brilliant, brilliant herb.
(Okay, now in Europe it’s hot stuff, isn’t it?)
Oh, absolutely. It’s famous. And they don't even use the berry only. They also use the leaf, they use the flower, they use the whole tree, they use everything. You can make jam out of it. You can even make wine out of it, but I would suggest that everybody, who has been diagnosed with a heart problem, or even has a heart problem in the family, that they are on a daily or weekly or monthly retain of hawthorn berries. There are no overdosage with hawthorn.
(Okay, how? The details – what do they do, what form?)
Ok, hawthorn in tea is the greatest way to have a maintenance dose every day.

You can just take the berries, crushed them up, simmer them in water for about 15 min. and have that as a tea. It’s beautiful.
(Do you soak it, or you just crush it?)
I always like to pre-soak. The more that you can pre-soak…
(So, you’re assuming the pre-soak?)
Absolutely, pre-soak those hawthorn berries and use them. They’re just brilliant, they’re wonderful at preventing and also healing any heart problems.
(What about the making of the hawthorn syrup, like doctor Christopher recommended?)
Absolutely, it's terrific and people should make that at home.
(And know how to do it.)
Yeah, know how to do it. You need to follow the hawthorn berry recipe, that we include and use that hawthorn syrup. And you make it at home and it's wonderful. And it also tastes very good. (When he made hawthorn syrup, he used to say a quarter of teaspoon 3 times a day. Is that really enough in a bad case?)
Well, again, you know, there weren’t fast food restaurants selling 50% saturated fat meals on every corner, when he said that. No, we need to up that dosage. We have more heart disease than ever before now.

(What would you say for today’s people?)
I would say to do a teaspoon 5-6 times a day of the hawthorn berry syrup. Double that dosage. And add some other herbs to it.
(To the basic formula?)
Absolutely! Lets get some cayenne in there. Why not? Cayenne is the greatest stimulant, it goes to the heart, it reduces your blood pressure, it helps you pump that blood throughout your whole body, takes the pressure off the hart.
(What else would you do?)
Ginger root goes to the extremities, Dr. Christopher talked a lot about ginger. Cayenne and ginger are like the dynamic duo for healing the circulation of the body and taking the pressure off that heart. And, I don't want to sound like a broken record, but don't forget the garlic. Garlic has been shown in medical tests all over the world to thin your blood out. It increases your levels of HDL - high density lipoproteins.
(So your blood is not so viscous?)
Absolutely, those HDLs take the fat out of your blood, take it back to the liver and get rid of it. (So you would add that to the formula?)
Oh, absolutely!

Garlic thins the blood, helps clean the plaque off. Don't anybody think because you’ve got plaque on your arteries and your doctor says: “You need a bypass surgery”, - that you do. It’s positive proof, that you can clean those arteries back to brand spanking new.
(These things that we are talking about - garlic, ginger all that. You take that and that will take the plaque off?)
Absolutely. There are scientific reports, the work of Dr. Dean Ornish - everybody has seen the proof now. Everybody seen the proof, including the American Heart Association. Doctors used to say that if you had plaque on your coronary arteries, that the only way to get rid of it was surgery, angioplasty, cardiac bypass surgery.
(But that’s not true?)
Not true anymore. There are many-many patients, who have reversed that plaque, cleaned it off. Garlic will do it, alfalfa will do it, the heart tonics will do it, exercise does it - you put that all together and reduce your stress. And you’re going to have brand spanking new coronary arteries in the heart, that pumps fine. And here's the important part.

I get patient after patient, that comes into my office. They’ve had a bypass surgery, there living a decadent life again and they go: “Oh, I got all new plumbing! My doctor told me that I'm as good as when I was 20!” Only the coronary arteries. What about the cerebral arteries, what about the arteries feeding the kidney, with about the arteries feeding the liver and the pancreas and the lungs?
(Good point.)
They’re filled with plaque, they’re filled with cholesterol. This person could drop dead and blow up any minute. They just got a “free ride” for a few seconds there with that bypass surgery. So that's not a reason to not do these programs. In fact, if person is at a bypass surgery, he needs to get on these programs right away.
(It could correct heart abnormalities, that even had been there for years. Is it powerful enough?)
That’s mine healing story right there. Absolutely, I had remembered: “Genetic deformities of the heart”.
(Did you use hawthorn?)
Oh, absolutely. It was a big part - hawthorn and cayenne.
(I didn’t know that.)
Yeah, hawthorn and cayenne were like my “dynamic duo”. I ate hawthorn on every day.

(So it’s more than a tonic. It’ll actually correct things, that are wrong.)
It's unbelievable. It will help with cardiac arrhythmias (or irregular heartbeat), it will help with tachycardia (or heartbeat, that’s too fast), it will help with palpitations of your heart.
(How about congestive heart failure?)
Oh, absolutely. And with congestive heart failure we have to think about the thickness of the blood too. This type of person…Again that vegetarian food program. This is not…
(You mean you’ve got to get and thin that blood out.)
Absolutely. You’ve got to get that blood thin, because the heart’s trying to pump that blood through the kidneys, and it's just like molasses. It can get the liquids out of your body, and you’re like “drowning to death” inside.
(And viscous fluids?)
(What about really-really high cholesterol? And were not talking about prevention. We’re talking about – it is so high, they could just fall over?)
Again, remember - the people that come to me, are the people that have the worst cases I've ever seen. I had a couple come to me. The woman had a cholesterol level of 500. Ok, that was the first one I’ve seen.

Her husband had a cholesterol level of 600.
(How bad is that?)
Well, you consider, that that the average cholesterol level in this country's 200, and in most countries is 150. It is the worst I ever heard of. In fact, most machinery won't even register that high. Your average cholesterol machinery just says “over 300”. But they went and had the actual full on blood test cholesterol triglycerides. They were in horrible shape. I call them: ticking time bombs. They were ready to drop dead any minute of a stroke or a heart attack.
(Ok, anything that you did for them, and that we haven’t already covered?)
I think the first thing you have to think about, when you're that bad – you’ve got to stop eating. You absolutely have to stop eating.
(Again, we’re talking about the juices.)
Yeah. Because that thins the blood immediately - just eating less. The long and short of it is – their cholesterol levels dropped quickly. And don't forget the liver, stimulating that liver. Cause remember - it's the liver that's going to get the fat out of the blood. We can aid it with the garlic, we can thin the blood with a red clover, but it's the liver's job. So we’ve got to stimulate that liver cleanup that gallbladder.

The liver flush alone will reduce cholesterol level.
(Okay, what’ve you seen like on those cases with 500, 600. Where does it go to and what happens?)
Oh, it gets right down to normal. I guarantee, this is a Dr. Schultze's guarantee – anybody, who will do the program can have a cholesterol level of 150. And you know how many times people come in my office, and they go: “No, you don’t understand, Dr. Schultze…My doctor told me that I genetically produce too much cholesterol, and even on the cholesterol reduction medication, my cholesterol level is still 290.” The last lady that said that to me I had a cholesterol level to 140 in 30 days without the medication. The bottom line is, what the doctor means is: “Well, if you don't make any changes in your lifestyle, you'll still produce too much cholesterol.” I've never seen a person, ever, in my 20 years of practice, that couldn't get theitr cholesterol lowered under 175 doing this program.

And that are people with genetic history of having too much I cholesterol. So if your doctor said that, it's just because he’s ignorant, it’s just because he’s lying to you. Fire him, wean off your cholesterol medication, get on this program – and you'll also enjoy cholesterol level of 150-160. You'll be down to normal and feeling a lot better.
(Have you ever had a case of congestive heart failure? It’s just week, it’s not pumping anymore, doctor saying: “You’ll probably need a transplant…” Have you ever had a case like that?)
Oh, all the time. And of course transplant surgery is…Most people who do transplant surgery end up with cancer, because they have to give you immunosuppressive drugs. I can’t name a worse thing to do today than suppress your immune system.
(In today’s world, yeah.)
Because they give you immunosuppressive drugs so your body won't reject a baboon heart or somebody else heart…
(But you’ve had people, who were scheduled for transplants?)
Oh, absolutely.
(That bad? Even in that state?)
They were so weak. One of the patients’ relatives said: “We can't get him into your house.” And I said: “Well then, how do you get him back and forth through the hospital?”

 And they said: “In an ambulance.” And I said, you know: “Put him in a station wagon, I prefer”. Ambulances don't drive up to my clinic. They put him in a station wagon, brought him over. The person couldn’t even sit up. If they would sat up, their blood pressure would went so high, that doctors said it would kill them. And this is how bad they were. And we started. I tell you, it's invigorating just for a person to come in like that, because they get to hear me, we get to talk, and they begin to be a believer.
(And then what happened to that man?)
We started working feverishly. But you’ve got to be careful, okay? When someone's pilot light is flickering…You can imagine - I believe in ‘full steam ahead’ programs, but the first 24-48 hrs. you just start introducing everything gradually. For instance - I didn't stand him up through my showering, give him a cold shower on the sternum, okay? We went easy. But don't do that with the Hawthorne. Hawthorne – full steam ahead. Don't do it with the cayenne. Cayenne - full steam ahead. Cayenne never hurt anybody.

(Even congestive heart problems?)
Oh, absolutely! It’ll save their lives.
(What else did you do for this man?)
Deep breathing. Because he couldn’t do exercises. So I just started my deep breathing program - that's a start. I get that the that oxygen in the blood. Because we know, that his heart isn't getting enough oxygen. So if you double your breath…Most of us breathe out of the top 10% of our lungs. I mean, let’s just open up that rib cage and get out there.
(So what happened with him?)
This person is up now to his march every morning. He goes up and does a power walk. We did a lot of work with the kidneys, thinned that blood out, this person is on ‘power marches’. He doesn't go back to the doctors anymore, he just doesn’t want to hear what they have to say.
(No more wheelchair or anything?)
Oh, nothing. He went from the bad to the wheelchair, now he is power marches. He uses a walker a little bit now and then when he gets exhausted, but he's getting better.

Section #31:
Children’s Dosages

(All right. What about dosages for children? Not on just cold sheet, but for all these programs.)

Generally, it's very simple and I’ll give you a simple formula. You don't want to go by age, because at five or six years old the child can have a 20 pound difference. They can be small, they can be large, they can be 30 pounds, they can be 50 pounds. You want to go by weight. Cause that’s the mass of the body. So you simply weigh the child and take its weight, and put it over 150, you make a fraction. So if a child weighs 50 pounds, you put 50/150, you reduce that to the smallest fraction. That child would be a one third the adult dose. Now, that's a generally. But again, if were talking diseases (remember, earlier we’ve talked about the four-year-old with a brain tumor). I will push to get that child up onto the adult dose. Even on to the therapeutic dose for cancer and the incurables, if I can. What's the worst-case scenario? You might get a little vomiting, you might get little head spinning, you might get a little nausea, whatever. Back off a little, but you push for a higher dosages. But, generally, for children you put their weight over 150, reduce that - that's their portion of the adult dose.

Section #32:
Nervous system degeneration

(Richard, let’s talk about some we haven’t covered yet – the nerve diseases, and there are a lot of them. Now, obviously, I know there’s: “The Incurables program”, so we won’t mention that. What else is there?)
Well, there are so many nerve diseases. I mean like a lateral sclerosis, Gehrig's disease, Parkinson's disease, myasthenia gravis, Tourette syndrome, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy. There are so many neurological disorders around today - it's unbelievable. I think one of the reasons is stress. We’re under more stress, than ever before in history. But there's another thing involved here - the immune system is many times eating up the nervous system. And so there are few things involved here. One is - we need to stimulate the nerves. And we need to use our great nerve stimulants. Skullcap is one of the greatest nerve stimulants we have. Its beautiful.

It helps to repair the nerves, stimulates the whole nervous system. But beyond that, we have oats. Oats is a wonderful nerve stimulant and it can excite those nerves and turn them on. Nutritionally, there are important aspects. There is a fuel that's in between each nerve cell called a neurotransmitter. And that fuels is lecithin choline. That’s a B vitamin complex nutrient. You better be eating your B vitamins. And I'm not talking vitamin pills here. I’m talking about grains, your whole grains. I'm talking about super foods, that contain high amounts of B vitamins naturally. I'm talking about, you know see algae, that are very high B- vitamin foods, loaded with B12. We need lots of B vitamins. And we also need to not do anything, that would destroy the B vitamins – sugars, which coming here. We need to stop foods, that attack the nervous system, like coffee. Caffeine is horrid for the nervous system, so we need to stop that.
(Did you help anyone with Lou Gehrig's disease? Cause that’s pretty tough.)
I had a man come to me with a lateral sclerosis, that was advanced to such a point, that he couldn't speak anymore. He could only write on a piece of paper, because it affected his voice that bad. His whole body was shaking and he was a professional doctor. He was in the health field himself. And, of course, he didn't believe he could get well. So now I had a worse case, because being a doctor, he knew that there was no cure for it. He thought he knew. And he also was so far advanced with the disease. We had to do a lot of work with him, including emotional work. Because he wasn't a believer. And also something very and important with a neurological diseases. Rarely do I see someone with a neurological disease, that loves himself. I mean, your immune system’s SAM (sympathetic adrenal-medullary) is designed to destroy anything that isn't SAM. Mine is designed to kill anything that isn't Richard, okay?

When your immune system starts killing you that is not a good reflection of your emotional state. What you think about yourself, your self-worth, your self-esteem, the stressors in your life and how they are getting you down. You're having a nervous breakdown. That’s the way we have to look at it. And we have to stimulate your immune system. But stop making it eating you up, and this is done with a lot of emotional work. You have to love yourself.
(This is a self-attack.)
Oh, absolutely. It's a self attack and you need to learn how to love yourself, you need to look learn, how to look into the past and increase your self-esteem, your self-worth and love your body, love your mind, love your spirit.
(What was the total end result on ALS case?)
What was amazing about this one is - he was a medical doctor, and he was a non-believer. And it took two years. But two years later, he was talking, he was speaking, he was walking, he wasn't shaking. He still didn't believe he was healed, even when he had no signs of ALS at all. And I asked him: “Why?” And he said: “There's no cure for a lateral sclerosis”.

And he is still fine in a life today, still believes he has the disease and absolutely has no sign whatsoever of having Lou Gehrig’s disease.
(Do you have special little instructions, let’s say for myasthenia gravis?)
Myasthenia gravis especially affects the facial muscles, the eyesight, the swallowing. Don't start wearing the glasses, use the eyewash, use the nervine herbs externally on the face.
(What do you rub them on a face?)
(Nervine herbs…what – skullcap?)
Yes. Skullcap, oats, blue cohosh. “The B&B tincture” – blue cohosh, black cohosh, blue vervain, skullcap and lobelia, equal parts. Put it right on a face. Put it in the ears, Dr. Christopher did that.
(And you rub them around the eyes.)
Absolutely, around the eyes. And the person needs to learn how to relax. Most people with nervous disorders don't even know what the word “relax” means. They're stressed out, they’ve usually been doing too much. They take life too seriously. One of my prescriptions is – they have to learn jokes. And I'm not kidding. They have to come back and tell me jokes.

These people are way too serious about life. They’re stressed out, they’re snapping. Their nervous system’s like circuit breakers, that are shutting off. It just isn't working anymore.
(Anything special on Parkinson's, for the tremors? Other than what you have already told us.)
Yeah, Lobelia. Lobelia can help people so much, because it helps with the tremors. In the old days they used to call it “St. Vitus dance”. Lobelia is the greatest magical anti-spasmodic herb on this planet that I know. It is a miracle what it’ll do. And it'll help to relieve, it helps relaxing the whole body. Lobelia is a good one for anybody with any nervous disorder, when we have cramping or nervous dysfunction. But for Parkinson's disease – it’s a miracle.
(So, you’ve had people with really bad shakes and contractions?)
Oh, absolutely. I had a man, that came in my office. And his leg was bouncing so hard on the floor, I thought someone was operating a jackhammer outside. I just heard this “bow, bow, bow, bow, bow” and then I went in my office and it was this man.
(He couldn’t stop it?)
He couldn't stop his leg. It was pounding the floor in my office.

(What about…Now final question I have about that is - what about muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis?..)
Don’t give your money to Jerry Lewis. That's all I can say – they’ll never find a cure. They’ve been working for years on finding…
(Have you had any of those, that you’ve turned around?)
Oh, absolutely. I’ve seen hundreds of people with both those diseases turn themselves around.
(Doing what we have already discussed?)
Absolutely. “The Incurable's Program”, getting their muscular strength back, not dragging a leg anymore. You know, the worst thing is with that disease - it's very similar to AIDS. They tell you: “There's no cure. There’s nothing we can do. We can try to make you a little more comfortable, and we’re searching for that cure.” It'll never be found.

Section #33:
Conclusion, part 1

(Richard, how can our readers and customers contact you?)
Well, it's very easy. Unfortunately, I'm not practicing anymore. I've officially retired from practice. Not necessarily that was my desire.

It's the government of this country's desire. But I do have a school in Los Angeles. It’s called “The Los Angeles Institute of Natural Healing”. We have courses that start for the layperson on how to be well for yourself, your family, your loved ones - all the way up to the professional.
(I know and you know, you can't be a doctor for the thousands and thousands of people out there. But let’s just pretend for a moment, that you could be their doctor and that you were their doctor, and that they were standing in front of you right now, no hope. They’re ready to leave this world. And they are saying: “Dr. Schultze, is there anything, that you can tell me?”)
Start “The Incurable Program” right away. It's never too late, you can be well. I know these people are sick and tired. They’re sick and tired of the pain and feeling sick and tired. I know that they think, that they’re too far gone, that the disease is progressed too far. I know they’ve even thought about calling Dr. Kevorkian or maybe even have attempted suicide before with their disease, with their problems with the pain.

I know that they have cupboards in the kitchens full of vitamins, minerals, herbs, holistic treatments, that they tried and hoped they would work. But they didn't work…I know that they have drawers and medicine cabinets full of prescription drugs. Flush them all down the toilet. It's time to start over. I know, that their doctor doesn't care anymore. And they’ve gone to new doctor, and a new doctor, until after a while the doctor won't call them back. The doctor doesn't even want to talk to them anymore. The doctor’s given up. He said: “It's incurable”. He said: “Go home and get your house in order”. I know, that they might have tried holistic practitioners or alternative practitioners. Most of these people probably were frightened by their disease, didn't know what to do or sold them a vitamin or a mineral, and hoped they were going to get better. And they didn't. I know that the people, who are listening to this tape, have run out of things to do. And we want to give them more things to do right now – “The Incurable's Program”.
(Now, Richard, let’s be realistic. What if one kidney’s gone, one lung, the skin is burning and full of sores?)

I don’t care how many surgeries this person had. I don't care how big or advanced the tumor is. I don't care what the disease is. I don't care if the doctors said they were supposed to be dead for months, before they watch this video. I don't care. That's no excuse! They can be well! They’ve got to believe, don't give up. They can be well with this program. “The Incurable's Program” had turned people around, that had worse conditions, than they can even imagine. They don’t have any idea how bad some of my patients were, that fully recovered from their diseases. Don't give up and start the programs today.

End Volume Five.