Chaga tea is a natural health drink that is very popular among the Russian population, especially in Siberia. The tea supports general health, strengthens the immune system, detoxifies and energises the whole body*. It contains only natural ingredients: dried and crushed Siberian chaga mushrooms mixed with Siberian herbs.

Chaga tea in bottles

Chaga tea is not only refreshing, but also has significant health benefits when consumed regularly over a long period of time. Recommended as a replacement for black and green tea.

chaga tea with buds chaga tea with cedar chaga tea original
Chaga with buds Chaga with cedar extract Chaga original
chaga tea with black current chaga tea with ginseng Chaga tea with golden root
Chaga with black current Chaga with ginseng Chaga with golden root
 Chaga tea with linden Chaga tea with melissa Chaga tea with camomile
Chaga with linden flowers Chaga with melissa grass Chaga with camomile



Due to the high cost of international shipping and the relatively low cost of the tea (10usd/bottle), it is not advisable to order only Chaga tea. This would not be a very cost effective purchase for you. Therefore, if you need the chaga tea, we would advise you to purchase it as an addition to your main order of chaga extract. This would be a more advantageous transaction for you. For such mixed orders (chaga tea +chaga extract/other extracts) please contact us and we'll calculate the total.


1. Prepare a teapot with a strainer and a 'tablet' candle underneath.
2. Add 5-6 teaspoons of dried chaga to a 1 litre teapot.
3. Add hot water with a temperature of about 80 degrees Celsius.
4. Light the candle underneath and let the chaga infuse for at least 1 hour to get the real chaga brew.
5. In about an hour, the water in the teapot will become almost black. The chaga infusion is ready. Simply pour it into a cup and enjoy this healthy drink. As you drink your first serving, add a little more hot water to the teapot so that it is always filled with hot and ready decoction. Chaga can be infused several times, but the first infusion is the most beneficial.
6. Adding honey or birch leaves to the teapot will make the taste of chaga more pleasant. 










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