What does a real Siberian chaga mushroom look like?

The chaga in the picture is real Siberian chaga.

Is RUSSIAN Siberian chaga better than chaga from other places?

Yes, because the chaga we offer is wild grown, harvested in the wild forests of Siberia. Siberia is known for its harsh climate and very low winter temperatures. And Siberian winters last almost 7-8 months. Chaga mushrooms grown in such conditions contain much more biologically active substances than those harvested in other areas. This can be proved with a certificate of analysis. And cultivated (artificial, not wild) chaga is completely useless.

What is better chaga tea or chaga extract?

What is chaga tea?
Chaga tea is made from dried and ground chaga mushrooms. When brewed correctly, the tea acquires a pleasant flavour and some health-promoting properties. However, the concentration of biologically active substances in this drink is insignificant.

What is chaga extract?
Chaga extract is a highly concentrated powder produced by hot water extraction. This extract powder is packed with antioxidants and is currently becoming a very popular dietary supplement.

Is your chaga extract safe?

Yes, our chaga extract is completely safe when taken in the recommended amounts. To date, we have not received any complaints from our customers, nor have we heard any reports of adverse reactions.

I've heard that Siberian chaga extract is an anticancer medicine. Is that true?

Siberian chaga extract is not a drug or medicine. It is currently classified as a dietary supplement. We recommend that you do your own research and have a look at the various studies that have been carried out in other countries here.

Can you provide Certificate of Analysis for your chaga extract?

Yes, small copies of the documents are published here .

Where do you harvest your chaga from?chaga map

Premium quality Siberian chaga mushroom grows only in limited areas. On the map, the green colour shows where the chaga mushroom can be found in general. But the yellow colour shows where the real, medicinal Siberian chaga mushroom grows. We collect our chaga mushrooms from the taiga forests of Eastern Siberia, the Altai Mountains, the Tomsk region, the northern Irkutsk region and Khakassia. These are the areas with winter temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius. These vast regions are sparsely populated and have no industry. The absence of industry and harsh climatic conditions make our chaga ecologically clean and free of any contamination.

Is your chaga mushroom wildgrown or cultivated?

Our chaga is hand-picked from birch trees growing in the wilds of Siberian taiga.

IS THERE ANY FAKE chaga extract on the market?

- Chaga extract can be made from fermented chaga, not from wild chaga. In this case you won't get the real benefits of chaga. Artificially grown chaga doesn't have chaga melatonin (chromogenic complex) - the most important characteristic of real chaga.

- Chaga can be dried and ground into a very fine powder, which could even be water-soluble. If some colouring agents were added, it would resemble the real thing. Only the structure of the powder particles and the taste can tell if it is the real freeze-dried extract or just ground raw chaga. Freeze-dried chaga extract has solid, glistening crystals of melatonin and doesn't smell like a common edible mushroom. Chinese made chaga powder is not natural and has no health supportive properties

Look at the picture: the label says "chaga powder" - there is no word "extract" on it, so it is not a chaga extract powder.

How can i order and pay?

You can order Chaga extract from our online store. We accept PayPal, so you can also use credit cards.


Yes, we do. We also offer private labelling if required. Minimum order for discounted price is 20kg. Please contact us for details.

“Chromogenic complex content in Baikal chaga extract exceeds 57%" I don't understand this message. I just wonder what the rest of your 43% is? I just think that the content of any packet is 100% Chaga?

Our chaga extract is 100% Siberian chaga. Like any organic product, chaga is chemically composed of many different substances (polysaccharides, beta-glucans, polyphenols, flavonoids, trace elements, vitamins and minerals). However, only wild-grown chaga contains the chromogenic complex. This is a set of humic acids and melatonin that makes chaga so powerful. Raw chaga contains only about 15% of chromogenic complex. A good chaga extract should contain at least 40% (concentration of chromogenic complex). Our Chaga extract has a concentration of more than 50%!

Other websites claim that their chaga extract is high in betulinic acid. Is this true?

We would not take such claims seriously. First of all, chaga contains a very small amount of betulin - almost negligible. The source of betulin is birch bark, not chaga. Then, to get betulinic acid, you have to process betulin - betulinic acid doesn't exist in nature - it has to be extracted from betulin. This process is laborious and expensive, and basically no company sells it for home use.

Do you supply pure betulin?

We are manufacturers and suppliers of highly purified betulin with a purity of 95%.