Volume 11

Section #62:

What the Incurables Program is doing for customers

(Hello, I’m Sam Biser, and I’m back again with you at my home on top of Afton Mountain and the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Today we’re going to be doing part three, our conclusion to the “Save your life” collection. I didn’t even know that there was going to be a part three, when I started all this. I thought we were finished. Until I got letters and letters, and more letters, and more phone calls. And I realized - we weren’t finished, we had another class to hold with you.

And what it is, is - we presented Richard’s program to you, I gave you 600 page manual, but there's still more. And the problem is - you don't have Dr. Schulze out there with you at home, so you try things, that I totally clear and you go: “I guess they’re not so clear.” So we need to help you more and it's 10 months of your letters and calls, that made this possible.
Also, I learned a lot from really hundreds of phone calls with Richard, and I want to pass a lot of that onto you this afternoon. Now, in the first section we covered the basic programs for a lot of diseases, and then in February, it was a few months later, we filmed a lot of details on hydrotherapy - how to do it. It kind of involved “The cold sheet treatment”, hot and cold showers. Because I don't think you would do it, if you didn't see it done.
Reading about it wasn't enough, talking about it was enough.
Another thing that came up, that we have also held in our February filming, was – people weren’t making their own tinctures, they just wanted to order them, they didn't want to do any thinking.

And they said…they wrote letters to me, that said: “I don't have the time, I'm a busy person.”
And I realized that they didn't understand how easy it was, they’ve blown this up in their head. So we spent a whole day in the kitchen, covering this, how to make it. And it was in the kitchen, because that's where you are going to do it – in your own kitchen. You can make things more powerful, than anything you can buy. And I want you to understand that.
But then there's even more questions I was hit with over the months. So we brought it altogether for you today and prepped ourselves, so that when you finish this series, it's the best we can do to you getting results without having Dr. Schulze in your neighborhood to consult with.
And so let's now begin to introduce and welcome back Dr. Richard Schulze.)
Thanks, Sam.
(I’m glad to see you, Richard. Good to have you here.)
It’s great to be back.
(Are you ready for today?)

(Okay. Now, one of the things, that's hard on me and the joy for you, is that I'm here on the mountain and in town, and I don't get this feedback. But I guess I feel starved, because we worked so hard to put this out, and nobody writes to me. They, I guess, go to see you. And also, you're just around the world, you’ve been in the Caribbean, you’ve been up to Alaska. Every time I try to get you – you’re not there. But are on the front lines, so you do hear the stories, you know - that keep me excited. And that’s why we did all this…)
Let me tell you, Sam. The last year, since I was here last year this time and we were doing the beginning of these videos, I have traveled all over the world. I’ve been all over Europe, I’ve been in the Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Minnesota - you name it, and I've been there. And I have met, again, thousands of people, who have used the information.
(What's happening with them?)
Oh, they’re getting well! People are getting well, healing themselves of incurable diseases! You name: the cancers, the neurological disorders, all types of terminal or so-called “incurable” diseases, and people are getting well from them.
(Do you mean – it is really happening?)
Absolutely! It's happening everywhere.

And we have thousands of letters of people, that are healing themselves, using the information in the programs on these tapes.
(I know you were telling me about some fellow up in Alaska you were lecturing. Way up there and he just comes to the podium or something.)
I was last speaking up in Alaska. A man, who had been in the hospital with Parkinson's disease, who was basically dying from the disease. His daughter brought to him our videotapes. At first he thought we were quacks, but anyhow thought: “Well, what do I got to lose?”
That man got so well, he said he is recovered at 75%. When I saw him, he got out of the hospital, he couldn't walk – he was now walking, he walked to come and see me, where I was lecturing, shook my hand. And I didn't notice any Parkinson's disease at all with him. And this is happening everywhere. I even got some letters here.
Here is a letter from a lady in Missouri. I mean, she was what I call “the walking dead”. This lady was so far gone, it's amazing that she was alive.

We’ve had cholesterol levels, that were high: 500, 600, 800. But this lady had a 1500 cholesterol level and 9000 triglycerides. She had pancreatitis seven times, she had degenerative liver disease, she was dying. She followed our program and only in a few months dropped her cholesterol level to a 150 and absolutely got well. And she says right here: “Thank you, Sam and Dr. Schulze, you literally saved my life!” She sent all those pictures!
(It is so exciting for me, that she was one of the few, who actually write to me and let me know, they’re getting cured.)
(And I talked to her twice, and it was just a great joy. Because she went through the cure! She told me how the tumors came out, how she shriek, and her husband was shocked. She told me, that her cholesterol came from a damaged liver, cause I wandered: “How can anybody get a 1500 cholesterol?” And that happened because of the liver, which is pumping that stuff out. And the liver advice, we’ve given them on this tape – it cures!)
Her life was saved, Sam. Here's another letter from a lady in Minnesota. She was ready to be gutted by the medical doctors.

She had had problems for two years with her reproductive organs, they'd seen abnormal cell growth in there. I mean – that’s cancer. And they had also…every Pap smear came back bad, she took our advice, followed our program for ONE week, Sam. Now just a week.
(Just a week?)
One week. She then went back to the hospital, they could not find one atypical cell and gave her a clean bill of health. And she just wrote us a letter, and said, that she's a follower now.
Here’s a letter from a guy from Tennessee. This is really great because he didn't want to start the programs first himself. But his neighbor had diabetes, so he got his neighbor’s diabetic sugar level from 420 back to normal in a month to 120.
(And you know what? You’ve sent me that letter, I’ve called the man – it’s true.)
Yeah, why not use your neighbors as guinea pigs first, if you're afraid to do these programs. Then he went on the program himself, healed himself of melanoma, skin cancer, and then heal his dad of skin cancer.
Here is a letter from a man in Texas.

“I had three herniated disk in my lower back, and feel better after three days on this program, than I haven’t in 15 years of pain!”
(All kinds of things..)
People come to California to try to wake me up…
(Do they try to make an appointment?)
No, no. Because I'm retired, I don't have a practice anymore.
(So they just figure, that you’re someone in Santa Monica, so they…)
Oh, they stalk. I have professional stalkers out there after me. And they come and find me, and they bring photos of their diseases before and after, they bring jars filled with tumors and parasites.
(Doesn’t that grouse?)
Well, not to me, because my patients did that. But to my wife, to my friends – yeah. They find it a little bit scary. In fact, at the pharmacy, people come there and they say, that if they see anybody bringing in a jar – they’ll all run and hide.
(They’re out of there.)
They don't want to see it.
I had a man come all the way from Florida just to show me photos of numerous cancerous malignant tumors, that he had pulled out of his prostate.
(Using the poultices?)
That’s right, he pulled them out of his lower abdomen.

So, Sam, have no doubts about it – people around this country, even in Europe, even around the world (we have some from the Middle East and Turkey) – people are healing themselves from so-called “incurable diseases”.
(So, it’s not a theory – it is happening. And that means, that people can listen to these tapes, read the manual, and they would get the same cures, that you were getting at your underground clinic?)
Absolutely! No doubt about it.
(That’s fantastic.)

Section #63:

The top three reasons people don’t get well

People hesitate to begin the program.

(Now, Richard, we got this whole other bunch, that wants to do more. They're not healing themselves, like they think they could by watching the tape. And we can help them, okay?
So what are some of things, that the people, who aren’t in this incredible category, need to do, to get into that category of “total cures”?)
Sam, remember Dr. Christopher. He used to talk about the people, that could not get well, “the incurables”.

He said there were three types of incurable patients.
(I remember.)
And the number one type he talked about were people, who wouldn't follow the programs. And that’s what we have to talk about here for a minute.
(So you’re saying, that it’s not the programs, that aren't working, that you’ve designed and we’ve put on tapes.)
People won't follow them. But the first category is – people, that won’t do them at all!
(Wait a minute. They don’t do them…they buy the tape, presumably they listen, they read – and a big nothing?)
Do you know how many letters I get from people, who get the videos, get the booklet, get all our information, even make the herbal formulas themselves, and then present it all to their medical doctor to see what the medical doctor thinks about this.
(They really think, that he’s going to bless them?)
It's ridiculous to think, think that a medical doctor can give you any information about herbs and natural healing programs, any more than electrician can tell you about how to fix your toilet. They are totally untrained in this. This is the first thing, that people have to understand – medical doctors have no training in nutrition, no training in herbology, np training in natural healing…

(So what do they tell people: “You do it and I’ll monitor it?”)
No! They tell people: “Don't do it, don't touch it, I wouldn’t get near that!”. The doctors also, and the hospitals aren’t going to make any money of this. And they don't want the patients doing it. Or they scare them, they say: “Well, you can go ahead and do this, but I won't be responsible for the results!”
So, the first group of people…
(So that is the biggest group?)
Oh, the biggest group, they’re so fearful, they won't even begin the programs. And you know, all the programs, that we’ve talked about on this videotape – work! But if you don't use them, they won't help you. And then, part of that group are people that say: “Well, I'm going to do it, but I'll wait for my summer vacation. Or some time later…”
(Why do they say that? Are they scared of the program?)
They are scared of the program, and they think, that they can't do the program, while there carrying on with their normal life. And they can!
I have many people to do the “Incurable programs” and still hold down a job.
(Well, a lot of your people were in the…they were making the motion pictures. That’s more, than a job.)
Absolutely. We’re talking 18 hours a day of work, and an 18 hour a day program. The bottom line – you take your program to work with you.

When you do it, it becomes your life. If people don't start this program, they won't have to worry about planning out when they're going to do it – they just need to plan out their funeral.
(I remember you’ve told me once and cracked me up, that you would tell the people that: “It wouldn't surprise me if your wife called and said, that you passed on last night.”)
(Do you use things like that to get them of the…)
Oh, absolutely! You know, many people, they’re not going to get help, because they won't get started. And we need to encourage people as much as we possibly can – get started on these programs.
(So, they just build this thing up so big in their head, that they put it off. And as they put it off, they get sicker.)
That’s right. They won't do it, they’ll go sick and they’ll die.

People don’t do the complete program.

(What’s the second biggest reason why it’s “a no-go” and nothing happens?)
The second reason is people who do part of the program…
(So, they take one step, but they don’t take 2 or 3 or 4?)
This is not a Chinese restaurant, where you would order “1” from column “A” and “1” from column “B”.

The “Incurables program”, that we've talked about in this video collection – you need to do every part, it's so important. Many people do not get well because they skip the one part, they didn't want to do.
(Isn’t this a lot of stuff for the people to do? I mean, I would do that myself – you give me 20 things and I do 2 of them.)
This program has taken me years to develop in the clinic, every part of it is extremely important. You skip a part, I can’t be responsible for happens.
Listen to this letter, here's a man, who removed skin cancer off his body. But the first time he did it, he didn't get well. Then he says: “The second time I did the “Incurables”, I used the garlic and the hot and cold showers. Can you believe I left the two most important parts out the first time?” He got well, he left two parts out of it and he got well.
I got a call from a lady, whose husband had a lateral sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's disease, he followed 2\3 of the “Incurable's program” and he did not do the detoxification and cleansing part, and she said she was thrilled, that he was 2\3 recovered from a lateral sclerosis.

Do 2\3 of the program – you might not get well at all, but he got 2\3 better. You do the whole program – you will get well.
(So, pick and choose – isn’t the way to go, when you’re that sick.)
As I said – this is not a Chinese restaurant menu.
(Okay, thank you.
Now, okay, you said – people skip, they don't do it all, they make their own decision, they are basically become their own herbalists, okay? What are the things, that they skip the most on this program?)
One thing that amazes me is – it’s the most important part of the program, which is – bowel cleansing. They either don't do it at all, or they do it half-baked. They don’t do it…
(But it’s so easy! Why would they skip that part of it?)
30-40 years of constipation…I mean – constipation on a physical level affects people emotionally, and this is all part of “letting go”. And I'm amazed at the stacks of letters that we get from people, who haven't done the bowel cleansing effectively.
(But why? What makes them back off?)

The first thing is – we talked about the “Intestinal corrective formula #1”. People think, that there's a limit to the amount they can take of that formula to get their bowel work. Some people think it's 4-5, some – 8. I don't care if you have to take 8243 – you continue increasing that formula by one capsule every day until your bowel works!
(So, I see what’s happening…They think there’s a certain number. When you hit the number, the thing detonates. And there’s no more bowel, right?)
Yeah, you name the number – I've got it. “Oh, I’m up to 13, so I quit.” “It doesn't work for me!” “I took 8, I quit, it didn't work for me!” “I was scared to go any further”.
So, the first step is – people aren't getting their bowels open and don’t bother to go any further on the “Incurable's program” or any health program.
(And it’s so important?)
It is the first step, the first step of getting well. And then the second part of the bowel formula is using the formula, that we've given people to draw the old material out of their bowel. That formula number one just gets the bowel going, but how are we going to get rid of that 30…
(You mean, it just opens the turn pipe?)

That’s right! But we’ve got to get rid of 30 or 40 or 50 years of constipation, degenerative living, eating habits whatever. And that's where the “Formula #2” comes in. Some people do the “Formula #1” and the “#2”, and they think: “That’s it!” They think they're going to take 40 years of their life with a horrible lifestyle, being sick physically, emotionally and spiritually, have a congested bowel, be constipated – and fix it in a two weeks? It doesn't work that way!
(But they believe that?)
They believe that. So, people need to do the bowel cleansing over and over again.
(What do you mean “over and over”? Every week?)
Once every two months, six times a year. Start again.
(You mean, you can just schedule it on a calendar?)
Absolutely – until your inner voice tells you, that that bowel is clean and your digestive system is working. We even get calls from people and letters from people, saying they look at the “Intestinal formula #2” and it’s black and isn't that radical? I'll tell you what's radical – a colostomy bag is radical, brain surgery is radical, sawing your ribs in half is radical.

Taking herbs, that grow out here – this is not radical, this is nature, this is what God has provided for us. People have to get that straight. If you want to see radical – go to the hospital.
(Now, I remember, you were telling me like with “legal circuit(?)” – you could never cure the. Even with everything you knew, until you’ve got that bowel working.)
Nothing will heal dysfunctional or diseased parts of the body, until your digestion, your assimilation and your elimination organs are functioning, and until the bowel is functioning and clean.
(I guess, maybe, it just doesn’t seem dramatic enough for people – “it's just the bowel”.)
Yeah, well they’ll be very disappointed, when they don't get well. This is the first step of the program, and it has to be done, and it has to be done thoroughly.
(Now, very common mistake, that we haven't covered on it – they don't take up, they don’t repeat it, they don't take enough of it, thr “Formula #2”. Well, I know, because me wife did this herself. We would take a big quantity once a day, instead of the smaller dose, spread out. We called you and it was a great explanation, and I think we need to hear it.)

That’s right. It’s very important to spread it out. The “Formula #2” needs to be in your bowel every three hours, it needs to go in there and keep coning, and then the old keeps getting removed. You can't swallow all your pills, all your juices.
That would be like: “Well, I don't want to eat three meals a day, so I’ll eat three meals for breakfast, and then I don't have to eat the rest the day!” It doesn't work that way. Timing of the herbal routines is very important, especially with the bowel cleansing. The “Formula #2” needs to go in five or six times a day. There's a reason, there's a method for all of this, that I'm explaining, and why it has to be done that way.
(Okay, now what about the person like me. With most people, their colon is really sluggish, and mine – it just gets too irritable. I can’t take that “#1”, it rips me up, even a small quantity. I need to back off.)
That is right. This is the one exception to this whole bowel cleansing.

And it's what I call “The -itis group”: diverticulitis, colitis, spastic bowel problems, Crohn's disease – this is a small percentage of the population, it's only about 1 or 2%, but these people do not need “Formula A”, the first formula. These people already have an overactive bowel, a bowel, that is irritated. They need to be soothed.
These people skip “Formula #1” and go on to “Formula #2” and just use “Formula #2”.
(How much do they use of it a day?)
They start out with the same dosage – 5 to 6 times a day, a heaping teaspoon.
(Ok, that’s great.)
And people say: “Oh gosh, it's black!” It doesn't taste weird, you mix it with juices..I mean come on! We’re talking about getting rid of years of problems. We had people with coins, old coins come out of their system.
(You’re kidding!)
Oh no! If someone is a coin collector and they’re listening to this, they might want to pass it on to their friends, and may get a rare coin. I mean, we’ve had with people with glass coming out of their bowels. So, we have all sorts of things coming out. I mean, you need to use these programs to get well.

(Okay, so that's the number one, that they prefer to look the other way on. The next one, I know what it is, cause myself, I didn't want to try it, I talk to you probably more than anybody else in here, because no way, that I was going to do it…it was the “hot and cold showers”.)
(Why do I want to get up, have a hot shower and then turn it to ice, and suffer for nothing, right? So I skipped it, even though I didn’t have a disease. So I know, they're not doing it.)
That's right! Everybody seem to really bock about getting in a cold shower. And we even heard it from Mr. Richie here in his letter to us. His skin cancer did not go away, his malignant melanoma did not go away, until he put the hot and cold showers back into the “Incurable's program”. He’d remove the hot and cold showers, and his skin cancer got better, but it never went away. And it wasn't until he got the full hot and cold shower routine in there.
(I tell you, when I tried it – it’s great!)
(You’re awake long before you start coffee!)
It's life-changing! The most important thing!

You know, we can take all the nutrition into our body, and all the good juices, but unless that blood gets to the area of our body, that's ill – we’re not going to get better. And unless that beta-carotene from that carrot juice gets to our liver or our bowel, or our knee, or wherever we have the problem – we are not going to have a recovery. And the best, fastest, most powerful and efficient way to move the blood around the body – is hot and cold hydrotherapy. Hot and cold showers.
(Yeah, I remember in a phone call you’ve told me it’s even more powerful, than exercise.)
Absolutely. There's nothing, that will move the blood through your body better than hot and cold water. And you’ll hear the screams, coming out of your bathroom, when you’ll do it.
(Well, you can’t stand still, when you do it!)
That’s right! But anybody, who's watching this video, listen to my voice right now – it might be a little difficult the first or second time you do it, but you will notice a greater difference from the hot and cold shower routine, immediately, than anything else in this program.
(Yeah, they take the herbs, but they skip this.)
They skip hot and cold.
(I did it, I tried your herbs. And this one, I thought: “I'll do it later.”

Now, I know also, from my own experience, what they’re doing wrong, they have it hot, because that feels great, then they have it a little cooler and doing what Dr. Schulze have said, and then they go back to the hot, which they really want. But they’ve got to get it really cold.)
I don't care if you live in Alaska, you turn that knob all the way off. It's a full cold blast. So remember…
(So, they’re supposed to go like this and maybe gasp for air…)
And scream, try screaming. I mean, if anybody looks back at the videos, where we do the hot and cold showers, you'll hear some noises coming out of the shower.
(Now, I’ve had some letters from people, where they go: “I’m elderly, I’ve got a heart condition. Is this thing going to give me a heart attack, or burn my skin, or whatever?”)
Nowhere in this video a program, yet, have we said for people to throw away their common sense and be stupid. I mean, let's get real here. People need to use their common sense. If they're older, if they have heart disease – start out easy, go warm-cool for a week and see how that feels, and then the next week – a little bit hotter, and a little bit colder, and in 30 days they’ll be on full hot and cold, and they will feel better, than they’ve felt in years.

Those varicose veins will go away, their heart will be beating more steady, that heart disease will go away.
(Now, Richard, one of things I know they're not doing right is – they’re not getting it hot enough and they're not getting it cold enough, and sometimes it’s not even what they want – you can't, okay? Your heating-cooling system…And it, well, it doesn't have that “shock healing” feelings to you…)
Absolutely. There is a couple ways to get around that. If you need to increase cold, you can use ice. Anybody can get…
(Well how do you…what do you do?)
You can make ice in your freezer and your refrigerator, you can also buy bags of ice, you can fill your bathtub up with ice, add as little water as you need, and get right in the whole bathtub.
(Okay, so you get in a bathtub, and in a few minutes you jump in the hot shower, and then you run back to bath?)
Absolutely! So, if you have a bathtub and a shower, you can do that routine.
Or you could do it the opposite way – if you have a nice cold shower, but your water doesn't get very hot, you can fill a bathtub with a water as hot as you can get, and then take those big chili pods out of the cupboards and fill them with water, and get a lot of boiling water going.

This is what they did in the old days – pour it in that bathtub and you'll get it as hot as you can stand it.
(Now, Richard, a lot of people live in apartments or houses, where they don’t have a bath. Even in some nicer houses. They just have showers these days. So, what do you do?)
You can still do it in a localized area. Pick the area of your body, that you want to do the hot and cold treatment on. And you can use hot packs, you can use ice packs, you can even buy at drugstores cold packs, that you keep in your refrigerator, you can buy ones, that you push a button and they get hot, because of a chemical reaction in them – there’s a lot of ways, people need to use their imagination. But get the hot and cold on that area of the body.
I’ve even been in motels, where I had to go to the ice machine and fill 5 or 10 ice buckets with ice and use that to take a cold bath, but do the hydrotherapy…
(Now I find it– it is good on the trip, and also takes a lot of stress out of the trip, and you might be sick and have to take a trip, and this makes it better.)
No doubt about that.

(Okay, another area of the hot and cold is – it was pointed out to me, that you already knew it, like when I talk to that woman with a high cholesterol, which used hot and cold showers…She cried, she wept the first two times she did it. So it seems to be some kind of emotional release going on.)
You can tell your psychotherapist to take a vacation, I'm telling you. It's one of the most powerful emotional releases also.
(But how come they o that? It’s just hot and cold!)
Get in the shower, I mean - it's amazing. It's such a flush of blood in your body, that it affects you dramatically emotionally.
(So, this is not uncommon, these outbursts of memory and…)
No, you feel free, when you’re in there. You know, most people feel free to sing in the shower, what’s wrong with a few tears, a little yelling, a little screaming - see what comes out. If you can stand in a fully hot, and a fully cold shower and not utter a squeak - I'm very worried about you.
(So, two people come to you and say: “I just broke down and cried” or “I feel just more sense of peace”…So it’s more, than a shower!)

Oh, yes. I've had hundreds of people come to me over the years and tell me it was better than 10 years with their psychiatrist, and all the drugs they ever took – just the hot and cold shower routines. You know, it's hard to keep your crystallization, your emotional constipation, when you get in the hot and cold shower.
(You mean it’s hard to keep your cool.)
It is hard to keep your cool.
(Okay. Now, you’ve told me that another reason people don't do it is – they say: “I'm allergic, I took this - I had a reaction”. And I know that makes you boil when you hear it, right?
If I hear one more person tell me they're allergic to garlic, I will come to their house and give them a rectal injection myself. I’ve had it! We covered that in the beginning of the videotapes, and just let me say it briefly again: it's ridiculous! There are no allergies! There are no allergies to natural substances! Remember the story of Dr. Christopher when someone said they were allergic to walnuts?

He said: “Okay, eat a little bit of the walnut every day and increase that dosage and in time – you’ve found a wonderful food of nature that will cleanse you”.
Garlic is one of the most cleansing and detoxifying of all the herbs that we know. It may be the Number One. I expect, that when people take garlic, especially in the dosages that we suggest – 3-6 cloves a day, that something will happen.
(It happens…)
This is what we want. They go: “Oh, I'm having a bad reaction or an allergic reaction to garlic!” It is called “a cleanse”, it is called “the detoxification”, you’ve ought to go out and invest in a garlic farm, if you find that garlic is a tool for you to use.
(Even if it causes that much of a reaction, you better take it?)
Absolutely, and this is something that we hear: allergies, allergies, allergies! It's another excuse that people use out of their fear to not get involved in this program. Remember, if you are allergic to walnuts, strawberries, garlic, whatever it may be, you have now found the food, that for a particular reason will cleanse or detoxify you, and you need to stick with it.

People are using this as a reason to not use the program or the formulas. This is not a good reason…
(Hey, you’ve told me about a woman last night. Every part of your program – she had a reason.)
Yeah, go to the hospital and have surgery. And people say: “Well, I'm allergic to alfalfa!” They’re probably not allergic to alfalfa, they’re probably allergic to the pesticides and insecticides, that were on the last alfalfa they took. Do you know what I am saying?
If alfalfa causes you to feel different, or to breakout, or you have diarrhea, or you have a fever or whatever – that's an herb for you to use for your cleansing.
(Ok, so what do you want to get down to for people to do, because they’re scared of these reactions. So, what’s the advice for them?)
Don’t be scared of these reaction, drink plenty of liquids, you might slow down your process and realize, that you're more sensitive in this area, than others…
(But don’t check it out…)
…but I do not want to hear people saying they can't do the program, because they're allergic to alfalfa or to walnuts, or whatever it may be.

People are afraid to do the program.

(Richard, is there anything else? I mean, we’ve covered a lot of why they won’t do it.)
Yes – fear. A lot of people…
(…who are afraid…)
…either the patient is afraid and they won't commit themselves 100%, or they're ready to do it, but their relatives are afraid, or relatives don't want to do this on their children, or on their grandparents, or their parents.
(You mean poor uncle Georgie can’t take it…)
Yeah, in his last days, “lets have them have a good time” and “we don't want to be torturing him with a hot and cold”.
(Let him sit up eating macaroni and watching tv.)
That’s right. And they’ll be sorry, they’ll be sorry if they don't do the programs.

Section #64:
How to get better:
Results on the Program

You must have a support group

(What’s your first recommendation for making this thing to go?)
The first recommendation is - for anybody that has so called “incurable disease”, the “Incurable's program” is something that has to be done 110%. You can’t go into this half cocked or half-baked, it's not going to work. It is a lot of work and it takes a lot of effort physically, emotionally and spiritually, to do the program.
(But how you get that 110%?)
Well, you really need to get yourself ready and you also need to get a support group. The odds of anybody being successful on the “Incurable's program” are very slim if they're all on their own. Even when you go swimming, they call it “the buddy system”, you have to have someone else you go swimming with. That way, if you get into trouble, you have someone to help you.
(Yeah, I’ve always wondered about people out there on their own, the whole family thinks there a jerk, and they’re sick…They can't do it without help. They simple can’t.)
They need to find friends.

Whether they hang out at health food stores or read the bulletin boards, or magazines in the health food stores – they need to find other friends, involved in health, and find people, that are willing to participate with them, encourage them and back them up. You CAN do this on your own, and we do have letters from people that have been successful all by themselves.
(But it is really tough, and lonely.)
Yes, it’s really tough. We all need the help of another person, we even talked about that with enemas – it is much easier to do an enema, if you have a friend with you. These programs are much easier, and especially – we all get down. People will get down…
(How do they get the family behind them and involve them?)
There are a lot of different ways, but it's so important, believe me. I have a couple just classic examples: I had one young woman with AIDS, and while she was trying to do the program, and she was showing initial signs of getting better, her dad was: “Oh, why should we torture her in her final days? And we all know, that AIDS is a ‘terminal disease’, and we all know, that she’ll be dead in less than five years…”, - and, - “can't we give her pizza?”

He really argued that one on the telephone with me for days: “Can we please give her pizza?”
(That was big with him…pizza.)
“I don't know why we have to torture my daughter?”
Well, he gave her the pizza – she's dead. Okay, the bottom line is – people like that around you, when you this ill – they will kill you, they will be nailing nails in your coffin, you do not need that type of a person around. You need to set up a support group!
Let me tell you another quick story. I was in India, and on my first trip to India in the late 70s, I was very ill. I got malaria and I also got dengue fever, and I had a fever of over 105°. The equipment I had couldn’t even register higher than that. I was delirious, I was burning up, I gave myself a cold she treatments, but at a point, my friend who I was there with, brought a nurse in to see me. The nurse sat down and she looked at me and she said: “You look horrible.” And I was like: “Thank you very much for telling me that!” She was: “You have tachycardia, you could be hurting your heart with this fever.”

She went on and on and on, my friend came up to me and whispered in my ear: “Is there anything I can do?” And I said: “Yeah, get her the heck out of here!”
When you're ill, when you're sick…
(…you don’t need that…)
…you don't need that negativity! You don't people, that are like weights around your ankles, dragging you down. You don't need that!
(So, what do you do, if you’re in a family – back off?)
The first thing you want to do is – if you're going to undertake what we call the “Incurable's program”, you need to have a support group, and you need people that are interested, you need to sit around together and watch the videos together.
(OK, so – share the videos with whoever’s going to back you.)
The letters, that I get from people and the families that I have met, that have been successful at healing incurable, degenerative, killer diseases, using this program, the whole family sat in the living room, and watched these videotapes over and over, and over again. They know every word that I or you have spoken on these tapes, they have read the manual together as a group over and over again.

And they don't just think: “Well, we’ll going to do the “Incurable’s program” and we’re going to be well in 30 days, they have a plan B, and they have a plan C. Sometime in this process, you might lose your ability to talk. Well, what are you doing, if you’re directing these people? That have to have a plan J and a plan Z.
(OK, so, if you’re a sick person, you can’t be calling all the shots.)
Hey, when you're sitting there, vomiting, you can't be telling a person want to do. It can get ugly, people need to know, that in the process of getting well, and in the process of cleansing your body, there can be days of sickness and pain, that are overwhelming.
Dr. Christopher, Dr. Jensen, Dr. Stone would call this a “healing crisis”…
(So, you've got to have somebody, you can think in terms of natural healing?)
(Is that a… say…a pimple come out and they’ll go: “Oh my God, that’s it! We’re off this thing!”)
There are going to be days, where just, because you're tired, you don't want to carry on anymore, and you don't need a person around you going: “I know, isn't life awful, isn't this horrible?”

You need a person, that is going to reach down and pull you up by your bootstraps, put their foot in your rear end and keep you going on this programs.
(…moving on…)
Absolutely! And without that support, person, or that support team, your chances of being successful on this, are very limited.
I mean, listen to this lady here: “I'm trying the ‘Incurable's program’, trying. My husband says, he will help me, but he's not here during the day.” - Well, how can he help, if he’s not there? You need to get people, that are going to be physically present.
“…and he doesn't have any faith in the program.” – Well, forget it! Get rid of the husband, okay? You're not going to get well, with a part-time person around, who doesn't believe you can be well. Find somebody else! I’d find a stranger, before I’d have a husband like that in my house, trying to recover from an incurable disease.

Get rid of possessions, that are dragging you down.

(Richard, one of the things you recommend, and what I thought, when I first read it, I thought: “This guy is a coop…He wants it in, so we’ll put it in.” It is when you tell people to get rid of 30% other possessions. I thought: “Well, he’s a ‘new age fruitcake’, that's amazing, this guy”. Now, obviously, I don't think you were kidding, so explain what you meant.)
I call it “trashing”, it's a very simple name. What I've seen is, that many of us, in order to fully recover from their diseases, need to get rid of the carloads and truckloads of toxic things in our environment, that make us ill and keep us ill.
(What do you mean “toxic”? Do you mean old cardboard boxes of files, does that toxic?)
Absolutely, well, you know, we can look at it in two ways: we can look at it as a toxic accumulation, as far as chemicals under the sink, but we can also look as a toxic emotional accumulation, a toxic accumulation of material possessions in your house, that cause undue stress.
(But, Richard, and I know, it feels good to clean your house and your attic, but we’re talking about the disease, not house cleaning.)

I've had so many patients, that “the final straw” to whether they heal themselves or not, was based on emptying a room of the house, that held possessions, that caused them emotional stress and strain.
(Do you mean memories of a someone, who died or like that?)
Absolutely. I had one woman in her 40s with a malignant breast tumor, and no matter what we did, we could not get rid of that tumor. When I had patients, that wouldn't respond, I would eventually visit their house and go to their house.
(You knew you had to, right?)
Oh, I knew I had to, I knew there was something, that they weren't telling me, that I was missing. And these will be all different things, but with this woman – she lived in a house, and one of the rooms of the house was for her child. The only problem is, that she had had that child 20 years ago, and it had died of a terminal disease, when it was five years old…
(And so, she left that like a…)
…15 years later her husband had left her, he is not in the house anymore, and she's living in a two-bedroom house. And one of the bedrooms in the house is her child's room, who died when it was five. And in that room were photos and memorabilia, and possessions it had, and its clothes.

And when she walked by that room, she used to cry, she used to whimper, she used to hang onto it.
I said: “That room’s got to go.” And she goes: “It’s the only memory I have of my child.”
(But isn’t that cruel, to take that away from her?)
I said: “Your child died 15 years ago, you have no other children, and no other family. When you die, the state’s just going to come in this room and shovel the stuff into the garbage bin out back, okay? Let's get real. How about if we turn that room into something, that's healing for you?”
And so, we turned it into an art room. She put an art table in there, paints and opened up the curtains and changed everything, put new wallpaper in there…
(And what happened?)
Three days after she did…She started throwing the stuff out, she told me she had the worst pain ever in her breast, she had to hold her breast...
(Oh, she had to feel terrible, if dumping out all these pictures…)
…she was taking her stuff to her dumpster, she was holding that breast. And it was the worst pain, she ever had. A week later she noticed a difference, and within 30 days her breast tumor was gone.
(I tell you, it almost seems unbelievable…)

Well, it’s…We have stuff in our life, you know, we don't realize the power of stress and our emotions on our health. I mean, it is known today, that your immune system will only work as good, as how much love and how much you take care of yourself. If you're walking around every day, thinking: “I hate life”, “I’m not enjoying my life”, “I'm sad, because of this, and sad because of that…” – your immune system isn’t going to take care of you.
(So, you say a lot of this stuff just pulls people down?)
Absolutely! It's another anchor, it's another way. You know, remember, the good old Dr. Christopher used to wake up in the morning, beat his chest and say: “It's great to be alive!” And everybody have these positive affirmations.
(You used to do this with people?)
Absolutely! Not only do you have to teach them positive affirmations, but you have to get into that house and clean out that accumulation.
I had one woman with incurable colitis, no amount of antispasmodic herbs – from lobelia to wild yam…
(You mean, that you did the best of what you knew…)

…and she wasn't better.
I went to her bedroom and on the wall was her graduation certificate from college. Magna cum laude.
(Well, how can that hurt anyone?)
I said to her: “What's this?”…I just started investigating…I said: “What's this?”, and she said to me: “Oh…”, and she held her stomach, before she started talking. And she goes: “I hated college, I hated everything about college, I hate my parents, they made me go to a college, I never wanted to go to college.” And I reached up, and I took it off the wall, and I ripped it in half, and when I ripped it in half, she doubled over on the on the couch she was sitting on in pain, crying and screaming, she said I'm crazy: “Why'd you do that?” The next day she never had colitis again. We have things in our house, that remind us, that are…
(…they’re not ‘cardboard boxes’, that sit there and do nothing.)
Why walking through your house every day, and the first thing you have to look at, is something, that reminds you of a horrible time, or a horrible experience in your life?
We need to get rid of this stuff. I mean, how many people are listening to this?
(So, you’re not telling people to live on futons and throw out their furniture?)

No, but just lighten it up, get rid…I have seen so many healings, I saw one woman go from an asthmatic, that couldn't get out of bed, to the Olympic trials, by getting rid of the horrible family accumulations in her house.
I mean, most people's houses like some horrible…
(…museum of bad memories…)
Yes, ‘a museum of bad memories”, absolutely! And you need to get into that!
I've gone to the people's houses with a shovel to shovel out the debris.
I know people, that have these boxes, that they've had for years, thinking they couldn’t live without them, and one of these days, they're going to get in that box and clear it out. I told those people just throw it in the garbage, get rid of it.
And you know what? Anybody, who was listening to this, that does that – will feel the healing, I guarantee it!

Lifestyle changes cannot be avoided.

(Now, Richard, I asked you this question a couple of times, and your answer wasn't, the one I expected from you. I said: “What was the hardest thing for people to do on a program?” And you’ve said, you used to think it was ‘doing the bowel’-thing, then you used to think it was ‘changing the whole diet’, but then you realized, it wasn't any of those, it was ‘the life’.)
Yes, the lifestyle changes. People willing to make dramatic changes in how they live their life, besides the bowel, besides the food program. Like with the people, that they associate with, or their place of business, or were they work, or changing their job – this is where people get the most stuck.
And it may be the most toxic area of their life, that's hurting them.
(Not the food, they’re eating?)
No, I mean, let's take a look at it – the number one time for heart attacks in the United States is Monday morning at nine o'clock. Why would that be? Cause everybody hates what they do…
(And why would that be nine o’clock?)
They don't want to go back to work, it is the most depressing time for them, they hate it. And hate hurts the heart, just as bad as a high cholesterol diet. I mean, I’ve seen polls, when they’ve polled thousands of people about their jobs, and everybody answered, that they didn't like their job, that they would rather be doing something else.

I mean, we have a culture in the United States of people, that hate their job. They hate, they dread Sunday nights, looking forward to that Monday morning, were they’re going to get up, they’re going to feel bad, and they can't wait till Friday.
I mean, how is it so many people hate what they do? And many people cannot be well, as long as five days a week…
(…they hate it…)
They hate it! They hate their life, they hate what they do.
(Maybe that’s one of the reasons, I’ve found the letters, that I think you have - these people are so darn angry. Some of them…they write horrible things in their letters, like you’ve said when they write a paragraph ‘about my condition’, and then they go “I hate the government”, “I hate you, because I didn't get well”, “I hate…hate…hate…”)
Absolutely, this whole file, we could say, is filled with ‘hate mail’. And is not hate for us or against us, it is hate against medical doctors, and hate against the veterans administration hospitals, and hate against their personal doctor, or whatever in their life. And then – very little about their health.
Hate is not a healing emotion!

And remember, in the first tape I talked about love being one of the most powerful healing tools. Well, it will would only make sense, that hate and anger are the most powerful destructive, disease creating tools!
You have to let that go…
(Just forgive the doctors all that.)
Oh, you have to forgive, you have to forget the doctors, and forget the scars on your body, and the organs, that you don't have anymore, and how you've been ripped off, and how the doctors took all your money, and what little was left and the hospital took that from you – you have to forget all the pain and suffering, breathe, let it go and start with today.
Today is going to be “The beginning of the new program”. You have to let go that anger.
(I remember you telling me, that these people expect, especially neurological conditions and maybe a lot of the others that we don’t know, you made them get jokes for you, and they would come in and tell jokes for you to prove that they really did changed.)
Absolutely! You know, Americans, believe it or not, are one of the most serious groups of people there are.

I was teaching a group of medical doctors in the class over in Italy, and a very funny thing happened. Shortly after I began speaking there was another doctor in the class, and he kept interrupting and telling a story, and after about 15 minutes of that, another doctor looked across the table and says: “Hey, why don’t you shut up? All you do is talk, talk. We came here, we want here Dr. Schulze. All you do is talk.” And I thought: “Oh my gosh”.
15 minutes later I saw those two men out in the hallway, with their arms around each other, talking. They blow off steam. If that were to happen to the class of mine in the United States, people would’ve called their attorneys on their cellular phones!
I mean, this is slander in the United States. We’re too serious. We need to learn to laugh and joke, you know.
And just when we think, maybe, we’re laughing or joking, we turn on the “six o'clock news” and watch 30 minutes of the most concentrated negativity in the world today. So I used to force my patients to learn jokes. And they thought, I was kidding.
And I said: “I'm not kidding! Next week, when you come in, I what you to tell me five jokes, I want you to make me laugh.”

And you know what? They couldn’t, they could not…
(Was it a struggle? They were stiff, mechanical, couldn’t do it?)
…it was impossible. They were coming next week, and I go: “Tell me your joke”, and they go: “I didn't know, you were serious”. And I go: “Well, tell me a joke”, and they couldn’t, they were horrible, they stumbled.
I used to try to turn my patients to the standup comics. It's a healing. We have to…
Even the “Incurable's program” – you need to laugh during those 30 days, if you forget to laugh…I mean, let's face it – some of this stuff is funny. Hot and cold showers and screaming, and high enemas, and cold sheets treatments.
(Was anyone of them ever working through it and get to be funny?)
Oh, absolutely. You have to have a sense of humor, you have to love life, you have to laugh. Without that, you're not going to get well, or you're not going to get well as fast. Keep your sense of humor about this whole program.

The danger of relapses.

(Richard, one thing that I learned, since we started taping this a year ago, from my own experience, was a topic of “relapses”. I think I was like anybody else, I didn’t take them seriously. The stress of doing these videos and all…I ended up, as you know, with the colitis, in bed for a month, and a doctor friend in Virginia said: “You’ve got to be really careful. ‘A relapse’ – is ‘don't repeat the same habits’, that caused it, you get sick like this.” And you go: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, okay, okay.” You know… “What’s the point?”.
What I didn't realize is, that relapses can be worse, than the original condition, because overworked again – then in the spring, producing some book, and the things, that got me well in February didn't work, and it was much harder to get well. And then I got shingles from all of the stress. So, I just want these viewers and readers out there, don't think it's nothing, having a relapse - that you’ll just go back on the program, and you be out of it – you could be dead.)
Definitely! I learned that well in the clinic, with hundreds of patients.
One of the things I've always seen is – if they think, it might be difficult to get rid of their degenerative disease or illness the first time, it's a lot more difficult the second time, and a third time.

(Why is that?)
Because your body doesn't repair, you're getting older in the process, you may be under more stress. And even though all the symptoms might be gone of the first illness, that doesn't necessarily mean it's gone all the way. You might feel better and look better, but it can take a few more years of really taking care of yourself, to where you've really built up a defense system…
(But in your mind – you’re cured.)
Oh, in your mind, you’re cured. And, you know, I’ve had hundreds of patients, that have called me, and they go: “You won't believe it.”
And I go: “What?”
And they go: “My breast cancer’s back…” – or this is back, or that is back.
And I go: “Well, what have you've done?”
And they go: “Well…” – and then they start telling me about all of the waste…
(You mean, they went to a slide, right?)
They don't realize, that these are programs…We’re talking about changing a lifestyle for life, not six months, not a year.
I’m not saying, you have to do the “Incurable's program” for 30 years, but I’m saying, that we’re making good changes here for our future. If you want to have fun in the future – create new ways in your life, to have fun besides beer and pepperoni sandwiches.

I mean, these are programs that a person needs to follow for life.
(Okay, yeah, I know it's true, because it happens to me – I didn't take the threat of a relapse seriously enough, and it happened.)
Absolutely. And a relapse – it's almost like…imagine having a scar tissue, like I have on my hand…on your body, and cutting through that with a knife. It's a horrible thought.
(So, that’s worse?)
A relapse – is an area of your body, that's been beat up, that’s been diseased. Your body has now heal it. You do not want to get sick in that area again. You get sick in that area again, you may not even be able to heal yourself.
(I guess it's like people go to doctor, and he says: “You have to take antibiotics for seven days”. They feel great after three days and then, you know, forget the bottle.)
Absolutely! You know, there are many people, that just stop in the middle of the process and don't really get well. I have 2 letters here from two different people with skin cancer. They have the same type of skin cancer in the same place, they do the same program and midway through, they have the same results, the same exact thing is happening to their melanoma.

(What’s your point on this?)
The first person says: “This is great, I must be getting better.” And you know what happened – they’ve kept it up, and they got better.
The second person says: “I feel like, it might eventually heal, but the cancer will still be there and in my body.” That person quit the program, went to their doctor, and they still have cancer.
Don't stop in the middle of the program – that will definitely cause a relapse. And then, once you think, you've healed yourself…
(…still don’t stop!)
…how about a couple more years of a great lifestyle: a good food program, periodic cleansing – get real strong, before you try anything dangerous.
(You know, it’s when you think, that you’re up to it – you’re probably not.)
Absolutely. You're probably need many more years of building up that strong, healthy foundation, getting your inner strength back. You'll feel it, when you're there.
(…but it's not in 3 months.)
It's not in 3 months, it’s not in 6 months. It takes a couple of years.
(They’ve got to know that.)
That’s right.

Painkillers can save you.

(Another thing I want them to know, because I had to go through it myself is – like most people in natural healing, you don’t like to take drugs. Just philosophically you’re against it. And that specially includes painkillers, because you go: “Well, I’m in natural healing, I can take it, I’ll find a different way.” Well, it’s, you know, for several weeks just from nerves and stress I got shingles. That was so painfully, you could just cry. And there's just nothing naturally, that’s going to touch it. So, finally I felled, I need to go to a doctor.
So, I did. And it was wonderful! It was wonderful, you know, getting a nights sleep. And it changed my antagonism toward painkillers.)
Let’s remember, that what the doctors have for pain, the best they have for pain, are our herbs, that they took away from us.
(What do you mean?)
Opium and all the opiate derivatives – codeine, morphine…This is the top things, that any doctors have for pain.

And if they don't give you the natural source, like codeine or morphine, they will give you a synthetic derivative of an opiate. So, these are herbs were put on this planet for a reason. These are some of the greatest gifts of nature.
Sometimes, it's important for you to not experience pain and to get a good nights sleep.
There's nothing more powerful in healing, than a good nights sleep. And many times your illness or your injury won't let that happen.
I'm not talking about undiagnosed pain…
(…and you just pop pills, yeah…)
…that you’d like: “I just want to get my pain out of here, so I can go back to work.”
You’ll get really sick, you’ll kill yourself with that attitude. But I'm talking about, once you know what's gone wrong, once you're involved in fixing it, and once you're in an aggressive program of healing yourself, there is absolutely nothing wrong with some mild pain reduction. And there are many herbs, that were given to us as a gift for that to happen, but in this country medicine is taken them away from us.
(So, I would tell readers out there:

“If you’re in one of those situations, you have a good diagnosis, and you're on the natural program, and you’re in a lot of pain – go to a doctor.)
There’s nothing wrong…
(…No problem – getting painkillers from a doctor and sleep.)
That’s right. And then get out of the office fast.
(Yeah, but you’ll sleep. When you’ll sleep – you’ll heal. Because I was up every night watching CNN…)
There’s nothing more powerful than sleep. Many times after months of an illness, one good night sleep can set you up into a whole new pattern, with the diseases releasing itself, and the irritations gone, and you feel better.
You know, I've seen many older people, that have lived into their 80s and 90s with very healthy lives. And when you talk to them, they all say – getting a good nights sleep is one of the most important things, that they did in all their life.
(I’ve found out through this. I'm never going to suffer with pain again, thinking its natural way.)
There’s no herbal replacement for sleep, and pain relief is natural.

Again, many plants have been provided for us on this planet to use just for that, that put us into a relaxed state, let us sleep, and ease the pain. Unfortunately, politically, those plans have been taken away from us.
(Right. At least now our readers know – keep yourself opened.)

Section #65:
When a person’s time has come.

(Richard, by the way, right at the beginning of these tapes, I don’t remember which exactly, but we were talking about that little 4-year old girl with brain cancer. And you’ve said she was in the process. How did she do?)
She died.
(Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that.)
Well, it's an important part of natural healing, that people need to hear on this tape.
Dr. Christopher talked about the three types of incurables, and we’ve covered a couple of them.
The last type of incurable was people, whose time had come.
And the first thing we need to remember with natural healing and the “Incurable's program”, and everything we’ve talked about is – we’re not trying to cheat death.

The inevitable end for all of us is a physical death. We’re not trying to cheat that, but we’re trying to prolong our life, and have a healthy life, and feel good, and have a good time, and not have a premature death.
But there are people, and we’ll all experience this, where the end is near, and it's over, this life is over.
And it was a wonderful story, because her parents came to see me. Both her parents, and both her grandparents made special trips to come and see me after her death. And they’ve told me the most beautiful story.
(What was it?)
They’ve said, that basically she has started falling asleep. And so they had her in the living room, on a massage table in the living room, and she started falling asleep more and more. They kept up with the programs of the “Incurable's program” and the pediatrician was called, and he said: “We need to give her some pain relief, because she’ll be in a lot of pain.”

And the  steroids, that they've given her, have caused abnormal hair growth, and they had stopped the steroids, but that hair started going away.
And some of the major spasms, that she was having, started going away, but she didn't come out of that unconsciousness. She slipped more into that unconsciousness…
(A coma.)
Yeah, slept most of the time. And this went on for a period of about two months. And the pediatrician kept calling and said: “Look, I know, you’re going to need me.”
And they’ve said: “Well, she’s fine.”
And he goes: “Isn’t she in a lot of pain?”
And they go: “No, she’s in no pain.”
And he said: “Isn’t she having massive spasms, because that tumor is growing inside her brain…?”
(So, this is was supposed to happen in a ‘normal case’?)
Abnormal pressure of a tumor, growing radically out of control in your brain will put such pressure on you brain…
(…you’ll go berserk, right?)
Oh, you’ll go berserk, you’ll go crazy, you’re in massive pain, your body goes into horrible spasms and convulsions. And he kept calling, saying: “Do you need some medication for this?”
And they said: “This isn't happening!”
Finally, one day, she died.
And they called the pediatrician, and he came over, and what he said, it so astounded him.

He said, he had never seen this before, he said that all the sutures in her skull plate had released and opened up to take all the pressure off her brain from that tumor growing.
And he said, he had never ever seen this in the whole of his medical career. And this is what natural healing does.
We’re all going to die, but if you follow a program of natural healing.
(…it is going to be better.)
… it is going to be better, you're going to have, what I would call ‘a nice death’ or a pleasant death. You know, so many people today…I don't know where we get this idea, that we’re supposed to be born in a hospital. Who wants to have a birth in a hospital?
And that we’re supposed to die there. Who wants to die with a group of paid strangers around you?
(But I guess doctors don’t realize that, right? That there can be a kinder death if you don’t drug up.)
Hey, I don’t see kind deaths in a hospital, I see people with those type of brain tumors, strapped to tables, morphine doesn't even work anymore…
(So, they got them strapped, because they’re jerking and everything?)
…and the last 30 days of their life is hell on Earth, and they are screaming at the top of their lungs 24 hours a day.

(…in spite of the codeine, or morphine?)
That’s right! It just doesn’t work anymore for these people. And that's because they've gone against nature. One of the greatest benefits of keeping yourself healthy and also following the “Incurable's program” is, if it is ‘the end of your life’, the end of your life will come and you’ll have a smile on your face, you’ll be with your relatives, you can share memories with your family, you won't be screaming, writhing in pain, vomiting, hooked up to tubes.
I mean, I have a 100 stories of the ends of people's lives, and how beautiful it was, and the parties, that they had at their house, and how they got to see their friends and their loved ones with a smile on their faces.
(So, even if it isn't destined for them to have a healing, it still works.)
Hey, at some point for all of us – we’re going to get ill, and were going to try to heal ourselves naturally, but we’re not going to succeed, we’re going to die, our time has come. But the drastic difference is – when your time is come, and you're involved in the natural healing lifestyle and programs…
(…it won't be that bad…)

… it won't be bad at all. It will be a pleasant experience.
(I think, people need to know that.)
Absolutely. So, for any of those out there, who feel like they haven't been successful and maybe people feel like they haven't done it right – hey, take a breath, relax, put a smile on your face. We’re all going to die.
Again, we’re not trying to cheat death, we’re just trying to have a better life and a longer life…
(…An easier way out.)
…And if you die, you'll have an easier way out. It will be pain free, you’ll have a smile on your face, you’ll probably just fall asleep. That's the way we should go.

End volume eleven.

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