Dr Maslennikov from Alexandrov (Russia) is a master of chaga healing

The town of Aleksandrov, like all provincial towns not far from Moscow, usually floats in a sleepy languor. All the life is in stormy and boiling Moscow. Here there are dusty streets with cracked asphalt, long rows of picket fences, colourful phlox in the front gardens. One of the local sights is the Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva. Otherwise - a sleepy kingdom. But there were times when the town of Alexandrov hummed like a beehive, and the suburban trains regularly brought another group of 'pilgrims' to the station square. But pilgrims not to see the wonderful beauty of the church, but to see the usual doctor of the usual Soviet clinic - Maslennikov Sergei Nikitich.

Eyewitnesses and old residents of Alexandrov from the fifties of the XX century remember well: the queue to see the doctor stretched for a kilometre. The wait lasted several days, people rented rooms and bunks from local residents, some put up tents, others stood for hours under the scorching sun or pouring rain. People were coming from all over the Soviet Union because they had hope. The hope of being cured of cancer. It should be remembered that in those years no one had ever heard of PR or advertising, and journalists and newspaper editors could not even dream of publishing a story about a doctor who set out to cure cancer in this way. Not within the walls of an oncology clinic, not with operations and chemotherapy, but with some incomprehensible woody growths...

However, we must give credit where credit is due: although there was a lot of unspeakable nonsense about those dictatorial times, the authorities did not interfere. They acted as if Maslennikov didn't exist, and the queues of people who wanted to see him seemed to be there just to get some advice. Maslennikov also worked in a hospital, seeing local patients daily and practicing medicine in free time. He explained that he was working on his dissertation. And it was true: Maslennikov collected data on the effectiveness of the chaga infusion he was using to treat cancer. Scrupulously he recorded the diagnoses of patients, his appointments, results, after what period they are observed. In his notes there was information about the effectiveness of chaga infusion for different types of cancer. These were invaluable conclusions about when and how chaga helps. For example, stomach and kidney tumours can almost always be treated with chaga, but brain tumours cannot. For years Maslennikov has been in search of the optimal concentration of chaga to be infused. He also experimented with fungi that grow on rowan and aspen trees.

Maslennikov's archive - which includes patient diagnoses and treatment results - is vast. And his authority as a doctor who cured cancer was unassailable. Without a single publication in the press, Maslennikov was known everywhere. The doctor's address, handwritten or typewritten, was passed on from hand to hand. The word of mouth - a thing that is incorruptible, lies, fictions and fantasies do not exist there. There is a man with a terrible, fatal disease - and there is the result of treatment by this particular doctor, this particular potion, and the facts are constantly being confirmed. In Maslennikov's archive there are hundreds of real case histories that ended with cancer cured.

Solzhenitsyn was cured of cancer with chaga

One of such true stories is the cancer of the famous writer Alexander Ivanovich Solzhenitsyn and his complete recovery from this terrible disease. In the story "Cancer Ward" Solzhenitsyn describes his wanderings through oncological wards, psychological experiences on the verge of life and death, patients with the same disease counting the last months, oncologists, narrow-minded, creative and indifferent, and vice versa, eager to help and aware of their own powerlessness before this disease.

Maslennikov and his miracle recipe

Sergei Nikitich Maslennikov was born into the family of a poor Alexandrovsk merchant N. K. Maslennikov in 1887. In 1908 he graduated from the Medical Faculty of Moscow University. After that, Sergei Nikitich worked as a zemstvo doctor in Alexandrov. In 1910 he married Maria Mikhailovna Sokolova. The couple had two daughters. During the First World War and in the post-revolutionary years Maslennikov was a military doctor, travelled extensively around the country. In 1935 he returned to Alexandrov and continued his medical activity. The main merit of this man is that he made a discovery. Dr Maslennikov discovered a remedy for fighting cancer ("a symptomatic remedy that alleviates the condition of cancer patients"). This remedy is chaga, or birch mushroom. Hundreds of people experienced the healing effects of chaga and were saved from the deadly disease. It should be noted that Dr Maslennikov treated cancer patients secretly, outside of working hours. In addition, Sergei Nikitich had many "absentee" patients (those who could not come to Alexandrov and wrote letters to the doctor requesting appropriate medical assistance).

Among such patients was A. I. Solzhenitsyn. Later he described S. N. Maslennikov's method of treating cancer patients and his medical activity in this field in the story "Cancer Ward". Many years have passed since the death of S. N. Maslennikov. However, the people of Alexandrov still remember this man. It is interesting that near Sergey Nikitich's grave in the city cemetery four mighty birch trees grew from one root and chaga appeared on them. This is the kind of monument that is the best and most telling. At the end of the book I will give the recipe of Dr Maslennikov's chaga infusion, with the help of which he treated his patients for many years. And he treated them successfully.