Company Baikal Herbs is one of the biggest Russian producers of various natural products including herbal and plant extracts such as chaga extract, leusea extract, rhodiola extract, siberian ginseng extract, schisandra extract etc as well as many kinds of herbal teas.

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We are in this business for more than 20 years and have developed the highest level of quality. The company Baikal Herbs has been long recognized as a reliable supplier of high quality organic extracts not only among Russian businesses but also abroad. We regularly supply our natural extracts to Europe, USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan and other countries.

Company profile

1. Stocking up wild-grown and ecologically clean organic plants (herbs, fruits, leaves, roots, seeds, bark etc.)
2. Processing of the plants (drying, crushing, micro-crushing )
3. Manufacturing of high quality plant natural extracts.

All products are natural and GMO free.

Produced exclusively from high quality organic raw materials. No preservatives or flavour enhancers.

 Sterile production and packaging. No addition of preservatives.

Advanced technology and product formulation ensure good taste and efficiency.

Our company conducts the whole production cycle which includes: harvesting and storage of raw materials (herbs, berries, roots), bottling line for glass bottles that allows to make pasterization of the products without applying chemical preservatives. Moreover, the company has its own production line for freeze-dry extracts and manufacturing of instant forms of herbal teas.

Production facilities include:

  • Production floor for manufacturing of freeze-dried extracts;
  • Workshop for grinding of raw materials (fraction size from 1cm to 0,01mm);
  • Workshop for drying of berries;
  • Production line for manufacturing of concentrated juices;
  • Bottling workshop for drinks and juices;
  • Production floor for manufacturing of water soluable teas ;
  • Packaging shop;
Equipment for manufacturing of freeze-dry extracts Equipment unit for production of chaga extract


Facatory building of Baikal Herbs


Unit for production of freeze-dry chaga extract
Manual packaging of chaga tea