chaga extract powder.

Freeze-dry chaga powder is a powerful source of antioxidants

Our chaga extract is made of 100% Siberian wildcrafted chaga mushroom. This chaga extract powder is a highly concentrated source of antioxidants produced by a technological process called water extraction. Why do we need to apply this process to chaga? Because we want to receive the maximum benefits from chaga mushroom and use it as a Biologically Active Food Supplement. The water extraction process allows us to activate the health supportive chaga compounds stored there in a passive state.

Unlike raw chaga, chaga extract has these biological substances in activated form, i.e. digestable for our body. Raw chaga cannot be digested by humans and the health supportive compounds would leave our body without a trace. And an "activation" can be done only through process of extraction either with alcohol or with hot water. When you are brewing tea you are making something similar to mini-extraction. Moreover, the extraction process allows to remove useless substances and at the same time to concentrate the maximum of health supportive biological compounds. In order to obtain 1kg of a freeze-dried chaga extract we use approximately 8-10kg of raw chaga mushroom.

most important chaga feature: chromogenic complex and melanin*

Chaga mushroom possesses many health supportive components which can be dissolved in alcohol or water. Russian scientists have conducted a lot of researches and have come to the conclusion that chaga extract manufactured by the water extraction method provides the most bio-available form of healing substances.

In Russian medicine, the quality of chaga extract is judged by the amount of chromogenic complex it contains (humic-like acids, melanin). This chromogenic complex ensures availability of the huge amount of antioxidants the chaga is known for. All other substances of chaga like betaglucans, polyphenols, flavonoids, polysacharrides, trace constituents are thought to be the ones of second importance. The reason is that all these elements can be found also in other mushrooms and crops, but the chromogenic complex - melanin-is unique and can be found only in a wild chaga mushroom. This is why chaga extract made in China, for example, doesn't possess any Chromogenic complex (melanin). Manufacturers who use cultivated chaga mushroom do not mention this important chaga feature in their test results (Certificate of Analysis) because artificially grown chaga mushroom simply doesn't contain any chromogenic complex. Although melanin can also be found in various plants and products, melanin found in wild chaga mushroom is unique because it is almost identical to human melanin. And this makes wild chaga outstanding.

Chaga extract and antioxidants*

If you are not sure what an antioxidant is, you may want to visit this page. Antioxidants remove free radicals and support healthy cells. Thus antioxidants are crucial for our health.

Scientists developed something called an ORAC scale, which is a standard recommended by USDA to measure antioxidant capacity. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity, or the strength with which a given substance wipes out free radicals. Obviously, the higher the ORAC score the more free radicals this certain substance can destroy. In order to understand our chaga extract better, we applied to Brunsweek Lab, USA for conducting sophisticated test called ORAC 5.0. It expands the ORAC platform to measure antioxidant capacity of a product against five primary reactive oxygen species (commonly referred to as radicals) peroxyl, hydroxyl, peroxynitrite, superoxide anion and singlet oxygen. It is more informative than simple Hydrophilic ORAC test. This test has revealed the full spectrum of antioxidative capacity of our chaga extract with impressive results! Our chaga extract has total ORAC value 39,979 uMole/g. The copy of this ORAC report we can provide only to our customers.

undamaged chaga mushroom DNA.

Modern technology and advanced equipment allow us to receive "Bio" chaga extract without causing any damage to chaga DNA molecule. The sparing low-temperature water extraction method (at 60 degrees Celcius) with subsequent freeze-dry transitional process guarantees high concentration of biologically active substances:

The average content of active substances in chaga extract may fluctuate from batch to batch within approximately 2% due to natural character of raw material

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We regularily conduct radiation control and make tests for heavy metals performed either by the state-owned laboratory in Irkutsk or by our own lab.

ONLY REAL CHAGA EXTRACT can produce positive results.

Chaga extract can be considered as "health supportive" only if it was manufactured from wild crafted chaga mushroom, picked from a wild birch tree. Today, in many countries chaga mushroom is being grown artificially by way of fermentation process.

Fermentation is an artificial cultivation of mycelium biomass from the mushroom stamm. Extract made from such "chaga" is almost usless, whatever they claim. And it certainly doesn't provide any effect which real chaga is supposed to do. Why? Because only wildgrown chaga contains chromogenic complex.

Spray-dried (SD) chaga extract and Freeze-dried (FD) chaga extract.

Spray - dried chaga extract is a light-brown "dusty-like" powder which doesn't solve in water properly wihtout a good stirring. Basically such extract has smaller amount of melanins/chromogenic complex content due to its thermal drying process. But the main disadvantage of the spray - dried chaga extract is that due to the high temperature air exposure its molecules undergo structural changes. In other words, if you take a molecule of raw chaga and molecule of SD chaga extract it will have a different structure. At the same time in a Freeze-dried chaga extract both raw chaga and FD chaga extract molecules will have the same structure. This is a very precise and sophisticated chemistry that cannot be checked with naked eye.

Sublimated (FD) chaga extract looks like fine, dark-brown, almost black powder with solid glistening black crystalls. It is istantly soluble in water and is pleasant to taste. FD chaga extract possess from 50 to 52% of Chromogenic complex content! We can also make 64% but such extract would cost much higher. FD chaga extract has a pleasant taste (resembles instant coffee) and is odorless; it is instantly soluble in water and can be easily mixed and blended with other drinks like coffee, milk or used in smoothies and coctails.

Our natural unadulterated chaga extract has no additives, is GMO free and made from 100% wildgrown Siberian chaga.

Two chaga extracts



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