General Description

Healthy mix is a combination of two or three natural freeze-dry extracts so that you could use the health benefits from each of them. All our extracts are totally natural and contain more than average number of biologically active substances. Although there are directions for use shown on each label, we would recommend you to define the most appropriate individual daily consumption by yourself, so that it will work for you most effectively. All individuals are different and it is better to listen to your own body response. With our dry water soluble powder extracts it is very easy to correct the use amount if you feel so.

However, one should remember, that adaptogenic drinks are not to be used before going to sleep, unless you want to stay awake and if you have high blood pressure (this mainly concerns usage of schisandra extract).



Immune booster*

1kg consist of:

Chaga extract (5 x 100g)
Rosehip extract (5 x 100g)

Products in this combination are adding up to each other's benefits as strong antioxidants. Rosehip extract contains more than 14% of pure and natural Vitamin C! Mix with watrer in blender or use separately, add honey for better taste.

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Power booster*

1kg consists of:

Chaga extract (3 x 100g)
Leusea extract (3 x 100g)
Schizandra extract (4 x 100g)

All three of these wonderful extracts are natural adaptogens having been defined mainly as power and stamina boosters. Combination of the three makes the drink not only energy supplying but also helps our body to adopt and overcome the effects of adverse enviroment such as stress, bad ecology, malnutrition). Can be mixed with water in blender or used separately.

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Liver guard*

10 bags consist of:

Chaga extract (8 x 100g)
*Betulin 95% (4 x 50g)

A combination of chaga antioxidants and natural immune supporting power of pure betulin. Use separately.

*Please read how to use betulin.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA USA. This product does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease